New Web App voicing for anti-racism in America, to bring Arkansas small businesses closer to communities

Raising The BAR is an upcoming web app which is founded to forward the cause of anti-racism ethos in Arkansas as well as empower marginalized minorities and small businesses to gain a solid footing in the community.

Little Rock, Arkansas – March 19, 2021 – More than 75% of Arkansas voters find racism to be a crucial problem even today and the gross social injustice is affecting almost every way of life, especially for the marginalized minorities. Unfortunately, 77% of Arkansas businesses are yet to release a statement regarding racial solidarity and those who want to can’t find a clear path to do so. In that light, Arkansas Businesses for Ant-Racism is soon to launch a web app which pledges to empower marginalized minorities (Black, Indigenous, And People Of Color), as well as small businesses and professionals seeking to improve their business practices to become more aligned with anti-racist work.

Titled “BAR”, the web app stands for “Businesses for Anti-Racism”. The app is scheduled to be released in fall 2021. 

BAR has been designed as a membership-based app which is driven to give voices to consumers by bringing these businesses directly into communities they live, work, and fund. The app is aimed to connect small business owners and professionals to educational resources for themselves and their teams to help generate tangible solutions – all the while restoring confidence that has been lost between the local communities and commerce. 

(In Frame : Laura Iverson, Founder, BAR App)

Per the statements of Laura Iverson, the dynamic founder of the BAR app, they are looking forward to creating and fostering a new system of racial solidarity through a cooperative network of small businesses, influencers and professionals. The app envisions to build up a mighty community based on unity in diversity, equity, and inclusion through transparency and accountability. 

“We are an app-based community that lets people sound off on racism in a helpful way. Love a business in your area? Shout them out! Want to see a business do better? Let them know. You supply the feedback, we supply the education. It’s up to them to supply the results”, explained Iverson. 

The BAR app strives to facilitate voice for anti-racism ethos and empowerment of marginalized and small businesses through three major features – 

Connect in a meaningful and practical way

The app will provide its member businesses a public business page so that they can easily engage with their users over the web. Members will have complete authority to post ongoing updates and initiatives (in alignment with BAR’s anti-racism pillars) on the page to spread the word about their mission and Brand.

Dependable Feedback

In a bid to encourage and support members with constructive feedback, the app uses a special algorithm. Unlike the regular scaling system, the algorithm works to filter community responses and develop specific recommendations and explanations for company use in a quarterly report. In the words of Iverson, the goal is to promote a conversation between the business and their stakeholders in a safe and transparent environment and from sources that might be inaccessible otherwise- as well as specific to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This information can later be used to enhance existing measures, or to create starting points to improve business practices. 

“Although the feedback would be featured on member pages on the app yet we assure all members complete privacy regarding their user identity, index score and improvement plans”, Iverson added.  

Supportive network for members 

BAR members will have access to valuable guidance of  expert advisors that would not only help them with clarity of direction but also boost their confidence. Additionally, members of the app will have the opportunity to attend BAR’s monthly virtual events, gain access to the app’s vast educational library as well as the networking spaces. Besides, consumers would be able to follow the company’s progress and even search for their competitors that would rather patronize.

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