P3’s Certified Coders Rescue Reimbursements and Aid the Clinicians

P3’s Certified Coders Rescue Reimbursements and Aid the Clinicians
P3 Healthcare Solutions rises on the horizon to facilitate practices so that they get paid accordingly. With a 97% acceptance rate, they are here to diffuse medical administrative revenue burdens.

USA, California – March 19, 2021 – P3 Healthcare Solutions is more than a medical billing company. It is a complete RCM solution that formulates an assistive revenue strategy for clinicians, outpatient clinics, urgent care, emergency rooms, and hospitals, across general or specialty-specific categories.

Their goal from the beginning is to share the burden so that clinicians can spare time for what really matters to them – caring for their patients. Unflinchingly, the data shared with them remains secure from the moment it is released to them to the time it is dispatched back to clinicians. By law, they are under HIPAA-obligation when dealing with Protected Health Information (PHI), and they like to keep it that way. In fact, their whole staff is well-trained to trigger the safety net upfront while accessing electronic health records.

P3 takes pride in following the latest techniques to collect revenue for its clients. Clinicians, MDs, DOs, nurses, medical assistants, and other specialists are important to them, whether they have just got on-board or have been for the past many years. Because they work on every claim as if it was their first claim – the time and effort they manifest on each are incomparable. It has to be accurate regardless of the time it takes to compile and submit it with the payer.

As an organization, they abide by CMS guidelines when it comes to following medical billing and coding standards. From AR management to coding and payment posting, each step of the medical billing process reflects perfection. They work hard for clinicians not to leave any revenue behind and to maximize their collections. 

Certified billers and coders expedite claim submission and denial management stages, and therefore aid the collection process. Besides, their old age AR recoveries multiply payments by quite a degree.

To their current and potential clients, they want to say that they understand the ICD-10 coding system (International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision) and the CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) coding systems very well. They apply them to classify diagnostic procedures accurately until the claims come through as reimbursements. Submitting data to insurance companies in codes and following through until it gets processed is what they are good at.

97% first-time acceptance rate for each claim is quite acceptable from a neutral perspective. In fact, they never want to fall short of this acceptance percentage ever. They want to continue to work along the lines that get claims accepted in the first attempt and keep the denials to a minimum. Accuracy is key here, and it is what they focus on as an enterprise.

About P3 Healthcare Solutions

P3 Healthcare Solutions has been serving the US healthcare industry since 2015. As Health Information Technology (HIT) consultants, they ensure a smooth cash flow and a stable revenue cycle management process through proactive medical billing services and Accounts Receivable Management. Additionally, they conduct medical billing audits to overcome possible revenue bottlenecks for medical practices.

For clinicians with compliance obligations, P3 also offers MACRA & MIPS data submissions. 

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