SubRosa Helps Protect Clients’ Most Sensitive Data with Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Solutions

The company delivers effective services and software solutions to clients of all sizes across the globe.

Cybersecurity is an ever-present concern for companies and organizations. Hackers or industry spies can invade their systems anytime and disrupt — even damage — their operations. SubRosa is a provider of innovative cybersecurity solutions that utilizes cutting-edge tools and techniques to help businesses protect their most sensitive data. They are exceptional when it comes to performing penetration testing, which is one of the most fundamental procedures in cybersecurity.

SubRosa’s network assessments and penetration testing identify and assess vulnerabilities in the client’s networks and systems by simulating cyberattacks on the external network, internal network, web or mobile applications and personnel or physical locations. This kind of precaution is most needed in industries like finance, insurance, energy, manufacturing, e-commerce, entertainment and hospitality, travel and healthcare industry.

Penetration testing provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of the possible approaches and techniques attackers might take when attempting to gain access to their data. SubRosa’s tests include planning, discovery, exploitation, post-exploitation, cleanup and reporting and remediation and retest. Before it starts any testing, the cybersecurity firm first identifies the client’s objectives then discovers the target network by researching IP addresses and identifying personnel.

When the testers move to the exploitation and post-exploitation stages, they attempt to exploit any vulnerabilities identified in the discovery stage. Real attackers will not stop with just a few attacks. They will most likely attempt to further exploit the network once they are in. The post-exploitation test anticipates this by performing further assessments.

After running the tests, SubRosa’s cleanup and reporting ensure that they compile all their data and remove any trace of the test from the client’s systems. There are times when remediation is needed to strengthen the client’s cybersecurity. If it brings in significant changes to the network and system, a retest is once again performed to assess their effectiveness.

The teams working behind SubRosa are industry experts who are more than equipped to give clients a full security assessment through their monitoring tools and services. The other services they offer are red team assessments, maturity assessments, compliance assessments, third party assurance, SOC, incident response and cyber education and training.

SubRosa Cyber Solutions is an American company with a worldwide reach. All U.S. clients are served by U.S.-based teams, and their SOC is wholly based in the U.S. They also have offices in every continent, so clients will never be far from one of their teams. Their technical support team can respond to questions and incidents 24/7.

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SubRosa is a U.S.-based company that solves its clients’ most tenacious information security, risk and compliance challenges through a multitude of information technology services and expertise.

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