This Real Estate Agency Has Already Saved Customers Millions in Fees

Homesavey Real Estate Provides Home Sellers and Buyers Premium Services at a Much Lower Cost Than Traditional Agencies.

Major players in the real estate industry have convinced a lot of home buyers and sellers that they need expensive realtors to get the best deals. Some even go as far as implying that the higher the commission fee, the better the deals and services clients will receive. There aren’t many real estate companies that try to save people money on commission fees, and Homesavey Real Estate is filling that void.

With traditional real estate agencies charging a commission of 6 percent to sell a home, a $500,000 home sale comes out to $30,000 in fees – a price that is equivalent to an average new vehicle. With Homesavey, clients only pay 1 percent listing fee (buyer’s agent fee varies). For that same $500,000 scenario above, a Homesavey seller would pay 3.5% ($17,500) in total commission fees, a savings of $12,500.

“We’re trying to normalize saving people money on real estate commission fees,” said Ahmed Nadim, CEO of Homesavey. “A lot of home sellers and buyers are not aware that a company like Homesavey is available to help them get more savings, compared to traditional real estate agencies,” adds Nadim.

Oftentimes, the statement “you get what you pay for” is thrown around by traditional agents who are implying that companies with lower prices must be skimping on quality and/or services compared to the “full service” offered by traditional brokers.
Well at Homesavey, you do get what you pay for — full service + more.

Homesavey wants home sellers to understand that you don’t need to pay 6% in realtor commissions to sell your home. Their 1% listing fee (buyers agent fee varies) includes the same services you would receive from traditional companies, plus more:

● Professional photography and video walkthroughs to make your home standout on sites like the MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
● A team with over 15+ years of local real estate expertise
● Included attorney assistance (note: this is huge. Real estate agents or brokers are not allowed to provide legal support or advice and the majority of a real estate transaction involves contracts).

For home buyers, it’s important to note that closing costs can become expensive when buying a home. With Homesavey, you’ll be getting free money (up to 50% of their commission) to pay down closing costs. Let’s break that down using the same $500,000 scenario. A buyer’s agent would typically receive up to 3% or $15,000. Homesavey gives you back 50% or $7,500 to use towards your closing costs.

Nowadays, home buyers search and find homes online on their own and Homesavey feels these home buyers should be rewarded for it. With Homesavey’s platform, they can access homes safely, negotiate a smart offer with included attorney assistance and get up to 50 percent of Homesavey’s commission to pay down their closing costs. Homesavey helps clients buy their next home at their own pace, on their own terms — with no pressure whatsoever from the real estate company.

They’ve also made the buying process and getting money back super easy. After looking up homes using Zillow, Trulia or any home search sites, buyers can visit open houses or request to visit any home on their own schedule. They then work remotely with Homesavey to make a smart offer with an included contract review by the company’s in-house attorney.

Homesavey is here to show people that they have money-saving options and can achieve the same homeownership or home selling goals as other real estate companies without paying as much in commission fees. More information can be found at

About Homesavey Real Estate

Homesavey is a full-service real estate company on a mission to help save home sellers and homebuyers over a billion dollars in real estate commission fees. With over 15+ years of local real estate experience and included attorney assistance, Homesavey is well equipped to get you top dollar and help you through a sale smoothly. Homesavey sellers save thousands and only pay a 1% listing fee (buyer’s agent fee varies). Homesavey buyers take advantage of our 50% commission refund and get free money to use towards their closing costs.

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