Innocent Armor Incorporates Body Armor into Stylish Everyday Wear

This is the brand’s movement toward better, well-thought-out personal protection.

These days, personal protection has meant face masks and face shields because of the ongoing pandemic. But the world continues to develop sinister threats other than health risks, and one of the most dangerous ones is the risk of getting injured or shot. Individuals may not control the outside threats that assault them, but they can guard themselves with protective gear like the ones being offered by Innocent Armor.

The brand that is the most independently tested in its class, featured in Police Magazine and ballistics magazine Specialty Fabrics Review, now joins the movement towards personal protection. Innocent Armor is a collection of premium bullet-resistant (bulletproof) clothing. Molded seamlessly with everyday clothes, it is where style meets protection®. Wearing one of its items adds extra protection to oneself and one’s family.

What individuals wear can save their life. Innocent Armor was born out of necessity and is dedicated to making sure caution is the new standard — bringing the safety and security of bullet-resistant (bulletproof) clothing to regular people’s daily attires. It is armor without the weight, protection without being obvious and security for the unexpected.

A great example of their men’s clothing is their Men’s Leather Jacket. This bullet-resistant (bulletproof) black leather jacket is made with premium sheepskin leather and has a microfiber lining for added warmth. It can be anyone’s stylish go-to jacket that offers discreet defense with its ballistic protection on the front and back. Its fortified ShieldTec® protection is NIJ (National Institute of Justice) certified for level IIIA protection, which is the highest level of protection available in soft body armor. And its FitTec® comfort technology is a unique engineered panel system that provides a wrap-around custom fit.

For women’s clothing, a stylish choice is their Women’s Down Jacket. This fashionable down jacket is made with premium synthetic down and microfiber, which provides warmth. The wearer can stay safe with its discreet ballistic protection on the front and back. It is also equipped with ShieldTec® protection and FitTec® comfort. Stay tuned as a new collection will be launched later this Spring.

To complete one’s outfit, Innocent Armor offers gear like the Ballistic Backpack. This can keep one’s personal belongings safe and secure as it is also enforced with the ShieldTec® ballistics technology.

Safety in our communities is growing more uncertain. This is the reality. Innocent Armor has developed and dedicated an entire company to give you and your loved ones peace of mind. Our goal is to utilize the latest technology to create best in class innovation in ballistic protection, and keep you protected at all times.

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Innocent Armor premium line of bullet-resistant (bulletproof) clothing.

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