My Perfect Fast: A New Way of Getting Healthier by Reframing One’s Relationship with Food

Company offers personalized fasting plans that allow individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals without food deprivation.

Developing healthier eating habits has been a challenge for a lot of people. Quarantine weight gain is real, and it is just one of the many physical and mental impacts of life under lockdown. At a time when people are encouraged to be at their best health to help prevent diseases, the stress brought on by the global pandemic can make traditional dieting methods even harder to do. My Perfect Fast developed a new way for individuals to get healthier, while still being able to enjoy their food.

Traditional dieting often yields up and down results due to a one-size-fits-all approach. My Perfect Fast creates custom fasting plans according to one’s fitness or health goals and life circumstances. The personalized plans are designed to help the body become more efficient at burning excess calories and fats. This means people can still enjoy food without starving, while also providing the body with highly effective periods of rest in between.

To start a My Perfect Fast plan, simply take a quiz and sign up for a membership. The quiz helps My Perfect Fast create a personalized fasting plan that guides the member on the ideal eating and fasting windows, as well as the foods best suited for each eating window.

The plans are delivered in a digital member’s area that can be accessed online. Members are guided on exactly how to proceed from module to module, including audio coaching modules. The company can also be reached directly for personal support. For more information on My Perfect Fast, visit

About My Perfect Fast

My Perfect Fast is a company that offers personalized fasting plans to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. The fasting plans are created based on one’s goals and life circumstances.

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