Tech Influencer Matt Upham Shares How to Land a Dream Software Engineering Job without a CS Degree

Matt teaches people how to code, and breaks down the exact steps to get a $100k+/year job in tech.

Getting a dream job in Silicon Valley may seem elusive, but tech influencer Matt Upham says it’s very realistic with the correct guidance. Even with no computer science degree, Matt learned to code and was able to get a job in Silicon Valley. He did it by studying for six months after he graduated with an industrial engineering degree in 2017.

Today, Matt works a full-time job as a full stack web developer, and also builds coding courses. To help more professionals build their dream tech careers, Matt shares his secrets through different social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Discord, and YouTube.

“I started making tech content on social media because people kept asking me how I got a software engineering job without a relevant degree. I also saw a bunch of job-seekers struggle to get their first jobs in tech, so I wanted to also provide some tips or tricks to make that process easier,” Matt said.

Programming and getting your first tech job is very challenging, that’s why he wants to demystify the whole process by showing people what to learn, how to learn it, and how to approach their first job search.

To share his tips and tricks, Matt built a TikTok account that blew up to over 320,000 followers in eight months. He also has an Instagram account that has more than 115,000 followers, and a YouTube account with over 17,000 subscribers. He has a large Discord community of 20,000 members where he shares knowledge about technology and learning to code, which is open to people of any skill level.

His tech expertise includes JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, React, Python and Flask. His goal is to show people that there are alternative ways to get into industries like technology, and it’s very possible to make the career switch in six months to two years with dedicated focus.

To teach a wider audience, Matt runs the course “Build Your Own Portfolio Site, from Scratch” using hot modern technology. This workshop includes building and deploying a full website, to be live on the web. It also teaches individuals to create the most effective tech resume, with resume templates included. Matt also offers tons of free resources that he uses in his day-to-day development. To learn more about the course, check it out here.

Coding is engaging, creative, and fun – there’s no better time to learn than now! Connect with Matt on social media, and DM him any questions about technology.

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