Value In People Consulting, LLC, Founder Marisa Beck Shares Her Story

From going homeless to rising above the poor man’s mindset, Beck is sharing everything she’s been through to help others.

Value In People Consulting, LLC, is on a mission to help others realize their true value and accomplish the things they once thought were impossible. After all, this has been the life experience of the company’s founder, Marisa Beck, who is sharing her background to let people know they can do it, too.

Beck grew up living in a homeless shelter and attended a school for homeless children. Statistics show that most children in this position tend to stay homeless or disadvantaged, but Beck was determined to escape poverty and the odds that were stacked against her. She spent much of her adult life grinding away. She launched a company using savings built up by Beck and her husband. Then, COVID hit. Beck’s business started to slow down, and her business partner emptied the company’s bank account and left. “I was facing bankruptcy and ended up having to pay payroll and other business expenses out of my husband’s payroll,” said Beck.

Beck might have had her back in a corner, but she had no intention of staying there. She began looking for ways to create an income using the internet, and just like so many other people who’ve also been down this path, she was met with many scams and disappointments. Then, she found something called the “15 Day Business Challenge”, and Beck said it completely transformed her mindset.

The program kept her accountable, giving her no excuses to fail, and gave her someone to help her at every step of the way.

Now that the program worked for her and Beck was able to avoid bankruptcy, she wants to pay it forward.

“We are all running the same race, we just don’t all get to start at the start line,” said Beck. “In FACT, life is not just a point A to point B race, it’s a relay race, and for those of us that didn’t get to start at the start line, every time we get around, it’s up to us to pick up the pace and start again as a faster and better person.”

Beck is committed to helping people get ahead, whether COVID shattered their lives or if they weren’t given the tools to success. More information can be found at

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Value In People Consulting, LLC, was launched by Marisa Beck to teach others how to build a successful online business.

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