Creative Biolabs Enhances Oncolytic Virotherapy Development by Combination Immunotherapy

Creative Biolabs, Inc., furthers its oncolytic virus therapy development services in combination with cancer immunotherapies and launches a comprehensive cancer combination therapy platform.

New York, USA – March 19, 2021 – Creative Biolabs, Inc., a distinguished biotechnology company pioneering oncolytic virotherapy study, furthers its oncolytic virus therapy development services in combination with cancer immunotherapies and launches a comprehensive cancer combination therapy platform.

Though the impressive dual anti-tumor mechanism of oncolytic viruses (OVs) brings new therapeutic approaches to cancer treatment, the tumor microenvironment, host-mounted anti-viral response, and the pre-existing neutralizing antibodies still hinder the efficacy of OVs as a lion in the way. Fortunately, the proposal to combine oncolytic virotherapy with conventional anti-cancer immunotherapy proves to be promising in clinical trials.

Experienced in oncolytic virotherapy and cancer immunotherapy, Creative Biolabs instantly launches oncolytic virotherapy development for combination therapy with cancer immunotherapy aiming at a wide range of project objectives. A cancer therapy platform is also developed to provide comprehensive services for customers.

Cancer immunotherapy comes in a variety of forms, including adoptive T cell therapy (ACT), immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI), cytokines, cancer vaccines, and biological immunotherapy.

Oncolytic Virotherapy Partner with Adoptive T-cell Therapy

Adoptive cell transfer (ACT) therapy strengthens the recruitment and effector function of T cells to fight cancer, which is facilitated when OVs regulate the systemic immune system and local tumor microenvironment. It turns out that combination with Adoptive T Cell Therapy (ACT) outperforms either monotherapy.

Creative Biolabs expands a variety of services that integrate oncolytic viruses into adoptive cell transfer therapy targeting different cancers, such as Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocyte (TIL) therapy, Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy (CAR-T), T-Cell Receptor-Engineered T Cells Therapy (TCR-T), and Dendritic Cell and Cytokine-Induced Killer Cell Immunotherapy (DC-CIK).

Oncolytic Virotherapy Combined with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Oncolytic viruses in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) have increased objective response rates and improved tolerable safety profiles. Those advantages attract Creative Biolabs to look into the combination therapies of ICIs and OVs, devote to ICIs development, and built different combination therapy platforms.

Creative Biolabs has developed a broad range of services, such as arming oncolytic virus with ICIs payload, to combine oncolytic virotherapy and immune checkpoint inhibitors. Its assay development services for OVs combined with ICIs cover a host of cell lines and animal models for in vivo and in vitro research.

Other Oncolytic Viruses Integrated Tumor Immunotherapies

Apart from the combination therapies aforementioned, Creative Biolabs also gets involved in developing oncolytic virotherapy in combination with cytokines to recruit and regulate T cell homeostasis, in combination with cancer vaccines to treat or prevent cancers, and in combination with chemoradiotherapy to damage cancer cells.

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has contributed to oncolytic virotherapy study for years and now makes great in the development and application of oncolytic viruses integrated cancer immunotherapy. It’s reputed to clients from all over the world for inspiring services of combination therapy development and consistent devotion to meet the research needs of customers.

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