As a hair-saver brand, Aphrodes new product: Hair Growth Fluid will be launched soon

“Hair loss” is showing a younger trend in nowadays. The post-90s and the post-95s have become the “main population” of hair loss according to the data analysis. The rising demand for hair-growth products also indicates the needs of losing-hair defending and hair growth. The Korean hair care brand Aphrodes Hair Growth Fluid will be launched soon as a hair growth product, and strive to save more people out of hair-losing problem.

1. Focus on the best ingredients, prevent hair loss and nourish hair

In this Aphrodes Hair Growth Fluid, the adding ingredient of Caffeine has the ability to interact with hair follicles, help go deep into hair follicles and regulate hair growth, thereby preventing abnormal hair loss. The Mentha Arvensis Extract in thes Aphrodes Hair Growth Fluid is mainly for strengthen hair roots and eliminate lice from before they grow. Together with the PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, it can also promote hair growth, treat dandruff, and repair split ends. It is also a moisturizer for hair and scalp. As the major ingredients in the ratio of Aphrodes Hair Growth Fluid, these are listed in the top of the whole ingredients list.

2. Co-development with MINGMEN Korean famous pharmaceutical manufacture

The Aphrodes Hair Growth Fluid was developed by MINGMEN pharmaceutical which is a Korean famous pharmaceutical manufacture. MINGMEN pharmaceutical manufacture was established in 1981 which is focus on national health, and as a public company have a rich experience and certified in the industry of pharmaceutical and daily chemicals. It is believed that is will be favored by a large number of hair-losing people when this Aphrodes Hair Growth Fluid is launched on the market, 

3. The Aphrodes brand insists on hair-nourish and hair-growth

Aphrodes shampoo was catching on with millennials thanks to its excellent anti-thinning and oil-control properties which has won the best “hair care/anti-loss shampoo” category in the Korean Brand Awards. This is the most authoritative and influential award in Korea, and the highest award around the field of Korean brands. As a well-known Korean daily chemical brand, Aphrodes believes that this Aphrodes Hair Growth Fluid, which is about to meet with the public soon,will also meet the needs of more consumers and solve the difficulty of those hair-losing people with a more safely and healthily way!

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