A New Era Spells Novus Aurum – New Beginnings for Many

In the words of the late Sir Ken Robinson, the history of achievement is that people have done remarkable things from improbable beginnings. The founder of Research and Innovate Education has walked that path in so far as she grew up in a very chaotic, dysfunctional home which made it difficult for her to achieve academically at school; that was until she was taken in hand by a teacher who listened to her – that teacher appeared on the day when she had decided that it was all too much for her 14-year-old self. She was shown how to build confidence, resilience and all the life skills often undervalued.

The last year has impacted on the lifestyle of people of all ages; the changes and challenges leaving many doubting their abilities and talents. Perhaps the biggest impact is that of the exposure of the need for innovation in the way which things are done and especially the delivery of services in education.

It has been over a decade since the last time that the Education System has been put under the spotlight. What has been laid bare is the need for the structure to move in line with the technological advances of the world. One argument which may be presented in support of change is the fact that the existing system has not sufficiently delivered transferable life skills in a way which enables its past, current, and future graduates to fully embrace all the opportunities of life.

In early 2020, the need for re-skilling became apparent as whole industries began to fail but it is questionable as to whether it is necessary. What is necessary, is a need for people to work through the symptoms of low self esteem and have confidence in their existing skills. This is the first step in self-development.

One solution has been presented by Jacqueline Gold, Entrepreneur and CEO of Research and Innovate Education Ltd who states ‘my life has been driven by my ability to help people with low self-esteem to make the most of their hidden skills to maximise the strength of their life experience. I have consistently worked with people of all ages, at first as a Teacher in High School and later as the founder of the brand Novus Aurum, New Beginnings. This is our quality driven service which shows people beaten down by the Corporate life, how to re-launch themselves as a Professional Educator. We work through those feelings of burnout, frustration, lack of appreciation and demonstrate how they too can create a successful career as the owner of their own business based in education.’ She has concluded from research that recovery will begin from the system of education and the opportunities presented.

There is little doubt that the program is beneficial to the rebuild of the economy. It creates new businesses with strong leaders and as such more employment opportunities in the long run. One of the less direct benefits is more provision of support for young people to prepare them for the more advanced world of the future.

The starting point for more information is https://www.researchandinnovateeducation.com/masterclass/

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