Lockman 247 Introduces The Importance Of Updating Home And Office Security

Lee from Lockman 247 has been fitting and replacing locks for nearly 10 years. Over time he has been surprised by the number of homes and offices that have inadequate security.

How have things changed?

As time goes on, technology and techniques adapt quickly. As a society are always updating phones and computers to prevent cyber attacks and keep up with the latest technology. Still, checking over locks can easily be overlooked when it comes to people’s homes and workplaces.

When everyone returns to work, will your home be safe from burglaries?

Home security is vital during this unexpected time as a rush of burglars is expected on homes as people start heading back to work normally. One of the most common forms of entry to a property is a technique called lock snapping. Burglars use a homemade device to go around your lock cylinder and then breaking it into two segments. Once the inside mechanism is exposed and vulnerable to tampering, enabling entry to your property.

Anti-snap is a simple but vital security measure.

Anti-snap locks are the perfect security measure against lock-snapping and the blowtorch technique. Burglars use a small portable blowtorch to melt around the lock and expose the mechanism. Once it is vulnerable, the lock is snapped using the above method. With anti-snap locks, this technique will not work.

If anti-snap locks are the correct size and fitted correctly, the above techniques won’t work, keeping properties more secure. A professional locksmith would ensure that the correct locks are always fitted.

So, what makes an anti-snap lock so secure?

Locks are made as one single unit and very ridged. This is why lock-snapping works so well. When burglars use this technique to gain access, they keep forcing the lock back and forth until it eventually becomes loose, giving them full access to the property.

The simple solution

There is a weak point toward the barrel’s front with an anti-snap lock, so when burglars try and use the lock-snapping technique, the front end of the barrel is designed to snap off. This leaves the important part of the locking mechanism safe from tampering.

Finding a trusted local locksmith to fit anti-snap locks.

When looking for a local locksmith to check or replace locks at a property, make sure the locksmiths are fully qualified and insured. Like any other business sector, there are people out to make money, so make sure to research before booking a locksmith.

Make sure to research before booking a locksmith.

It is always a good idea to look online to see find local company reviews. This is quite often a good reflection on a company’s reputation. Don’t forget to look and post on social media sites to see who other people in your area use for locksmith services, and don’t forget always to get at least 3 quotes. This said, remember the cheapest is not always the best, so researching is key.

Booking a locksmith to check locks around a property.

When booking a locksmith to check locks, it should only take a trained locksmith a few minutes to see if the locks have been fitted correctly and make sure they are anti-snap locks.

Many locksmiths offer lock checks as part of their service, so it is worth checking the local area. Just remember, a burglar can gain entry very quickly without anti-snap locks.

Tips to look out for a professional local Locksmith.

local locksmith reviews googleLooking for a local Locksmith to help? Every year, countless individuals find themself needing to call a locksmith for a variety of reasons. Finding a trustworthy locksmith can be a daunting task. An untrained locksmith may leave the property more vulnerable or out of pocket.

Check if the locksmith offers a 24 Hour Locksmith Service.

The vast majority of locksmith professionals offer a 24-hour locksmith service, as this tends to make up a big part of any locksmith revenue.

Ask Friens & Family for Locksmith Recommendations.

When searching for a locksmith, don’t forget to ask friends and family. They are often the best people to get non-judgement recommendations. Another good tip is to look on a social media site to see what locksmith companies other people in the area use or have used in the past.

Make sure to research any recommendations.

Researching the locksmith company is very important. Letting a stranger into the property and trusting them to provide a safe and secure service. There are no locksmithing regulations, so anyone can say they are a locksmith. Making it even more important to use a reputable locksmith company that is highly rated.

If no one can provide recommendations, look online.

Suppose no one can recommend a locksmith company; look online. A good place to start would be “local locksmith”, and browsers like Google will show the local locksmiths within the area. Clicking on one will display more information, including reviews and company updates.

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