How to Make Money in Property: 7 Lessons You Need to Learn By Stuart Lewton

Stuart Lewton’s new book, How to Make Money in Property – 7 Lessons You Need to Learn furnishes readers with the tips, tools, and techniques they need to attain financial freedom through the lucrative real estate market industry.

Stuart provides a detailed road map to help navigate the competitive and often overwhelming real estate market. His book addresses myths and reveals the foundation for those starting in real estate. Stuart shares examples of how to make smart investment decisions, that net big financial wins. And, he lays out the lessons in an organized and systemic way that are easy to digest.

Stuart encourages the reader to have the belief and confidence in their ability to earn a passive income from an industry that rewards generously. He teaches skills that are necessary to succeed and takes time to dispel common myths and untruths about the industry, which often holds people back from pursuing their dreams.

How to Make Money in Property – 7 Lessons You Need to Learn is an essential book for anyone interested in investing in the real estate market. Whether it’s a first-time property owner or someone who has already dabbled their feet in the industry, Stuart guides the reader so that they make the best decisions for their financial situation.

Throughout the ten chapters, Stuart covers topics including, “why to invest in property, dealing with your deamons, how to get started, how much do you want it, win-win scenario, and do it now”.

It is not just his generous imparting of wisdom that makes this book a “must-read,” it is the stories that he shares that are relatable for the reader. Having learned from his failures, Stuart dispenses valuable lessons in a way that the reader can easily understand. Stuart’s accounts of his trials and tribulations along the way, are intended to help prevent the reader from doing the same.

Stuart illustrates how the real estate industry is related to the financial sector overall, and how the financial crashes of 1988 and 2008 negatively impacted real estate. And how for those who did not panic and sell, were rewarded mightily. He teaches everyone about assets, interest rates, and inflation, which will help readers to maximize their profits.

Stuart’s key takeaway from the book demonstrates that if someone wants to create wealth, then there is no time better to start than now. Stuart asserts that investing in the real estate industry is the best way to set oneself up with a healthy nest-egg.

Stuart is a husband, father, business owner, property investor, trainer, and published author of the book Bed & Breakfast, Lifestyle or Business? 10 Steps to Improving Your Annual Occupancy

Stuart’s character and generous nature were first honed as an officer in the Royal Corps of Signals, British Army, where respect, integrity, service, and excellence were valued. And, as a Special Constable for the U.K., police force, Stuart demonstrated an unselfish commitment to giving back to his community.  Today, Stuart is dedicated to helping others succeed in an industry that has garnered him much success and freedom.

It is Stuart’s dream to be a leading voice within the property investment industry, helping others to attain their own financial goals – one person at a time.

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