A+ Tutoring Ranks Tutoring Priorities

A+ Tutoring Ranks Tutoring Priorities
A+ Tutoring, a full-service tutoring service in Studio City, CA, has recently revealed to the public some essential skills that students must master before moving on in each grade level.

Studio City, CA – March 21, 2021 – A+ Tutoring is sharing with parents the necessary abilities that children must demonstrate before advancing to the next grade level.

In this time of disrupted learning, parents are understandably concerned that their child might be behind grade level. It is a valid and legitimate concern. A fourth-grader cannot learn from a fourth-grade textbook if he is reading at a first-grade level.

Every year that goes by, the student loses more and more ground. A+ Tutoring  Studio City makes sure a student is on grade level before advancing to the next level.

The State of California has joined with 40 other states and the District of Columbia to set standards for each grade level. These standards are called the Common Core.  

A+ Tutoring, Studio City, closely follows all Common Core standards to ensure each child learns what he needs to know.  


In the broad category of reading skills, kindergarten students are expected to listen to stories, be able to read them, and use context to figure out words they haven’t heard before.

But by the end of third grade, students should be able to use root words and suffixes to figure out new words.  


In the math category, kindergarten students need to understand that adding means to put things together, while subtraction means to take something away. They should be able to demonstrate these ideas with objects.

On the other hand, by the end of fifth grade, a child should use multiplication skills to discover an object’s volume.  

A+ Tutoring elementary math tutor Studio City makes sure each student is on grade level in all common core areas.  

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Founded in 2010, A+ Tutoring offers tutors who are credentialed teachers and graduate professionals with many years of in and out of classroom experience.

A+ Tutoring provides one-on-one tutoring in all subjects from kindergarten through college level. Tutoring can be performed online, in-home, or in learning pods.

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