Phosphoethanolamine gets green light in Brazil

Phosphoethanolamine gets green light in Brazil

“Sunflower Industria one of Brazil’s largest vitamin manufacturing plant obtains patent to distribute Phosphoethanolamine.”

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Mega Brazilian vitamin company Sunflower Industria has received a distribution patent from that country’s government for the ingredient phosphoethanolamine (Phospho). Sunflower will now be Latin America’s only large scale distributer of Phospho revealed Brazil’s National Institute of Industrial Property.

In Latin America particularly Brazil, phosphoethanolamine has been claimed to play a role in providing relief for cancer patients. In late 2015, a trend took shape in Brazil in which patients purchased large amounts of phospho pills from research labs and universities. The Brazilian government ordered the ceasing of production of the ingredient for fear that the drug might do more harm than good. Yet, demand for the compound remained high and research was funded to look into the effects of the drug.

In addition to the assessing the health benefits of the drug, the 2016 halt in production also called for  the compound be made in a facility that is FDA approved for making human drugs, no such facility existed In Brazil. Small laboratories and drug manufacturing centers were too small and unable to meet demand or quality control requirements.

It was then that Marcos Mendes, CEO of Sunflower Industria, stepped up speed in building his already under construction massive 79,000 square feet manufacturing plant.

“Since 2015 we understood the demand for phosphoethanolamine, we didn’t know that the government would create regulation for phosphoethanolamine, the regulation parameters actually put us in the best position to offer our facilities to produce the supplement guaranteeing quality,” said Marcos Mendes CEO of Sunflower.

Sunflower is recognized internationally for its quality control measures that surpass many US Federal and Drug Administration. Currently Sunflower produces over 46 products and lends its productions facility to some of Latin Americas largest dietary brands.

In 2016 Sunflower was already building a massive facility bringing in experts from the United States to build a state of the art plant that can be in par with US pharmaceutical companies and standards.

“Even before phosphor we were positioning ourselves to compete not only in Brazil but also in the US market; we were at the right place at the right time in regards to our ability to compete for a patent that required a state of the art facility offering the best of quality control”, added Mendes.

The patent allows Sunflower the exclusive right to manufacture and license phosphoethanolamine. Any supplement manufactured and distributed in Brazil that had phosphoethanolamine as its ingredient must be manufactured and bottled at Sunflower. Currently there are two lines of products containing phosphoethanolamine producing around 30,000 bottles per week. Phosphoethanolamine is also being used in dietary supplements for dogs.  

By: Nelson Dos Santos

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