ViparSpectra Newest XS1000 LED Grow Light vs. SF1000


ViparSpectra and Spider-farmer are two of the highly popular and highly recommended quantum board lights (LED grow lights) brands in the market. These brands have been releasing grow light models that offer high efficacy, good performance at an affordable price. Also, they innovate the lights’ design to QB flat board style, set up power with high-output Meanwell driver, insert dimming knobs and excellent cooling systems, which provide indoor growers exclusive solutions for big harvest. However, for most new growers, it is important to know which of these LED grow lights suit our needs. Sure, Spider-farmer and ViparSpectra may be the best grow light brands out there, but between the two, which of their grow lights provide more efficient growth for your plants? Which of these brands brings more yields?

Today, we are going to compare the two similar QB fixtures – XS1000 from ViparSpectra and SF1000 from Spider-farmer, to know which is better in delivering higher efficiency while also putting the price, appearance, and convenience into the equation. If this explanation bored you, well, it’s simply asking the question: “Which LED grow light perfectly fits your plants?”

We’ll start from their common features:

XS1000 vs. SF1000

Both of these two brands come with a QB style design, Samsung LEDs, Meanwell driver, IR diodes, passive cooling, knob dimmer. And the coverage areas are almost the same between XS1000 and SF1000 LED grow lights. These features are fundamental for a QB lights applicable in indoor plants. But what makes ViparSpectra superior to Spider-farmer 1000 mainly lies in their differences in diodes quantity, driver wattage, lifespan, and most significantly the final output they will bring to growers. These differences are the real factors that make you choose XS1000 rather than SF1000.

1. Diodes Quantity

XS1000 and SF1000 are both built with Samsung LM301B diodes, but XS1000 has inlaid with 255pcs LEDs, while SF1000 218pcs only. With a total of 37 pcs diodes more than SF1000, XS1000 brings brighter lumens than SF1000. From seedling to flower, XS1000 can increase 30% more yields than SF1000 can do at the same conditions.

2. Driver Power

Both XS1000 and SF1000 adopt the Mean Well driver, which is the industrial-leading driver model as it delivers 94% power efficiency and consumes less electricity. When it comes to the output power, XS1000 has increased 50%, compared to SF1000. The driver power of XS1000 is 120W, but SF1000’s 100W. That means XS1000 delivers more usable energy for plants growing.

3. PAR Value

PAR is the photosynthetic active radiation, measuring the actual efficiency of led grow lights. After testing in multiple real environments, the max PPFD of XS1000 comes to 1202 umol/m2/s at the hanging height of 12 inches, tested in a 4x4ft grow tent. While the max PPFD of SF1000 is 1033 umol/m2/s. At the same hanging height, the PAR value of XS1000 is higher than SF1000 by 16%.

Therefore, XS1000 LED grow lights distribute more efficient light penetrations. And that results in bigger harvests than SF1000 LED grow lights.

4. Heat Dissipation

Compared to SF1000, XS1000 increases 30% in heat dissipation effect. That is because XS1000 has equipped with a delicate heat sink that extends the cooling area and ensures better heat dissipation. The less-heating working environment does good to reduce the decline of diodes. So XS1000 enjoys longer working hours and more steady performance.

5. Longer Lifespan

Owing to high-quality design and advanced components, XS1000 has a long lifespan of more than 100,000 hours. That’s almost double the lifetime of SF1000, which possesses only 50,000 hours. In a long run, XS1000 is more budget and saves cost for indoor growers who have strained investment.

6. Yields Per Wattage

Regarding the maximum yields, SF1000 has 2.5g/watt, while XS1000 gets up to 2.9g/watt, 0.4g more than SF1000 per watt. Besides, XS1000 has been equipped with top-classed drivers and diodes, higher performance, and better yields. It helps boost harvest for indoor plant growers!

7. Price

Talking about price, XS1000 is selling at $129.99. But SF1000 is sold 23% higher than that of XS1000, at $159.99. However, XS1000 surpasses SF1000 in its more advanced components, larger output power, better cooling effect, and longer lifespan. Honestly, the real deal with the XS1000 grow light is that it offers better performance for a much cheaper price! So, if you want an affordable LED grow light that can bring lights to your plant babies at a satisfying brightness, the XS1000 grow light suits your needs!

To get a clearer look at the above comparison info, here is a tablet below that contains the main differences between XS1000 and SF1000 LED grow light.







PAR Value

1202 (at 12″ height)

1033 (at 12″ height)

Diodes quantity

252 pcs

218 pcs

Driver Power

120W Mean Well driver

100W Mean Well driver

Heat Dissipation

XS1000 increases 30% in heat dissipation effect, compared to SF 1000.


100,000 hours

50,000 hours




Final Verdict

After the above comparison, we can see, XS1000 is much more worthy than SF1000 in performance and saving energy. As one of the ViparSpectra’s best LED grow lights, XS1000 will come to the market in March 2021.

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Compared with SF1000, XS1000 has better performance and costs less money. Meanwhile, XS1000 brings bloom and a big harvest to plant growers. It is a better buy for every grower in the indoor plants market.

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