Authors Press Debuts ‘Of Hope: A Memoir’ by Herzl R. Spiro MD PhD

Endearing true story available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Authors Press is thrilled to debut ‘Of Hope: A Memoir’, a true story from Herzl R. Spiro MD PhD.

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Dr. Spiro has been in the medical field for generations and has been faculty at Johns Hopkins and Rutgers. He also helped organize medical care for Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.’s marches. Today, at 85 years old, he is an emeritus professor at The University of Wisconsin-Madison and a full time psychiatrist in Milwaukee’s inner city. He has seen many events in his life, which he’s now sharing.

In ‘Of Hope: A Memoir’, Dr. Spiro tells a story of hope that embarks in his youth, at a time when his own father was trying to help Jews in Europe. Later, he moved to Vermont with his family, where he received immeasurable education. Then, he witnessed firsthand the human rights movement sparked by Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Spiro also discusses the mental health care system and how he was part of programs being built at some of the biggest medical systems. In 1982, Dr. Spiro started worked on the absorption of immigrants to Israel. This ultimately led to 1.25 million immigrants being integrated in Israel. In the final portion of the book, Dr. Spiro discusses COVID-19 and the rising need to mend the long unfair relationship with Black Americans and a deprived under class.

“The book suggests bringing hope to those now deprived using some of the methods of absorption we used in Israel,” said Dr. Spiro.

Authors Press is thrilled to help bring Dr. Spiro’s unique story to the world through their self-publishing platform. As it stands, ‘Of Hope: A Memoir’ is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Dr. Spiro’s complete story shows a life journey of perseverance, dedication, and love, and Authors Press is proud to be a part of this.

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Authors Press is an online self-publishing company and book reseller catering to the every need of both published and aspiring authors.

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