Seek the Joy Podcast to hold one-day virtual retreat to celebrate community and bring people together to connect, inspire and grow

Seek the Joy Summit will provide empowering conversations and panel sessions on mindfulness Saturday, April 10

March 22, 2021 – Seek the Joy Podcast, a show dedicated to all things self-love, joy, connection, empowerment, wellness, and spirituality, will hold its first-ever Seek the Joy Summit on Saturday April 10. Seek the Joy Summit is organized by podcast producer Sydney Weiss and is a one-day virtual retreat that will celebrate community and bring people together from all around the world to connect, inspire and grow. Registration for the summit is free and attendees have the opportunity to win a variety of exclusive prizes from the retreat’s supporters.

“After a year of redefining how we connect to one another, I’m really excited and honored to host a virtual event that will celebrate the power of community and bring people together from all around the world to connect, inspire and grow,” Weiss said.

The virtual retreat will feature empowering conversations and panel sessions on mindfulness, choosing joy and cultivating a positive mindset, reconnecting to our authentic voice, and the importance of sharing our story. A variety of guest speakers will be on hand for the event to share their insights and experiences.

“Seek the Joy Summit will feature some of the incredible people I’ve had the opportunity to connect with and interview through Seek the Joy Podcast,” Weiss explained. “I’m honored to share their wisdom and host an event that celebrates wellness, connection, and joy.”

Seek the Joy Summit’s guest speakers include:

• Kelly Rutherford – Actor & Speaker

• AJ Sarcione – International Motivational Speaker and Intentional Communications Coach, and Founder, Get Your Shine

• Dr. Lynda Ulrich – Founder, Ever Widening Circles

• Josette Tkacik – Trailblazer, Quantum Mystic, Medical Miracle and Internationally Renowned Zumba Instructor

• Aiden Chase – Third Generation Intuitive and Healer

• Sonya Matejko – Writer and Storytelling Consultant

• Kimothy Joy – Artist and Author, That’s What She Said: Wise Words from Influential Women

• Ardre Orie – Celebrity Ghostwriter and Publisher, 13th and Joan

• Achea Redd – Founder of Real Girls F.A.R.T.

• Lisandra Vazquez – Media Strategist

Seek the Joy Summit attendees are entered to win a grand prize giveaway featuring exclusive gifts when they sign up for the virtual retreat. Prizes were donated by a range of great companies, including:

• Yoga Wake Up

• MindTravel

• nOMad always at OM

• Primally Pure

• Sustainabar

• Your Joyologist

• The I AM Journal

• Bella de Luna

• Saged

• Le Chic Miami

• Mining for Soul

• LaForme by Lolo

“I’m grateful to our Summit Supporters for their generous donations,” Weiss said. “Thanks to them, we’ve put together a pretty incredible giveaway that will allow some very lucky attendees to carry with them the themes of the day – empowerment, wellness, and joy. From an annual subscription to Yoga Wake Up to working with The Law of Attraction through The I AM Journal, this is a pretty incredible package, and I’m honored to share it.”

Over the last three and a half years, Weiss has shared inspiring stories and inspired others to share their own powerful experiences. Seek the Joy Podcast has been featured on BuzzFeed, Authority Magazine, Podcast Wellness Week, and many other great media outlets. It was the winner of the “Best Podcast” at the 2019 New Media Film Festival and finalist in the “People’s Choice Award” 2019 Discover Pod Awards.

The first-ever Seek the Joy Summit will expand on the work that Weiss has done with the podcast. It will also give listeners the chance to connect in new ways.

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