Independent Financial Advisor in Chico, CA Announces the Launch of a New Website to Help Provide A More Personal Touch to Financial Management

CHICO, CA – March 22, 2021 – Kevin Murray ( officially announces the launch of the newly designed Murray Financial Services website. With a host of benefits, the new website aims to offer support to existing and prospective clients in a more streamlined manner. Kevin Murray is the owner of Murray Financial Services, and is actively seeking to help more people locally and nationally.

“We’re very excited and pleased to announce the launch of our new website. I have been a financial advisor my entire career, and I’ve built a solid reputation with a practical and honest approach,” said Kevin Murray, the owner of Murray Financial Services. “This new website represents a continuing commitment to investing in the service we provide to our clients. That said, during these tough times, amid a global pandemic and the economic fallout that has followed we felt that our website needed to provide better accessibility to us. At Murray Financial Services we want to ensure that clients know that they can talk to us anytime,” he added.

The newly redesigned website is streamlined for quick access to book a regular phone call, video call, or schedule an in-person appointment. Existing and prospective clients can discuss their financial future at any time of their choosing with just the click of a button. Visitors to the new website ( can easily find information about the services offered including Financial Planning, Investment Strategy, and Asset Management. The new layout is also highly optimized for accessing on mobile devices. This will make it much easier for anyone to find Murray Financial Services, and connect right away.

When asked if he is happy with the new website, Kevin responded, “Absolutely! I’m very happy with how easy it is for new clients to get in touch. Even if someone does not come onboard as a client, I feel good knowing that I can connect with more people that are interested in their financial future.” He also added, “I feel like now my website tells the true story of my financial advisory work and who I help daily.”

Readers can view the website of Murray Financial Services to know more.

About Murray Financial Services

An experienced and disciplined financial advisor can help you navigate a successful financial future by employing tactics designed to detect the risks and obstacles that pose threats to your desired goals.

With over 27 years of experience providing disciplined and prudent advice, we help our clients to identify and navigate a well-charted course through the ocean of financial decisions which life presents. As a fiduciary financial advisor we have a duty to put your needs and goals ahead of our own and do so completely free of commission incentives.

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