Health Tourism Company CEO, Uğur Öztürk Introduces Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey, has become a destination for health tourism besides its beautiful landscape and tourist attraction. One of the health tourism destinations is Vatanmed hair transplant center.

Uğur Öztürk, a health tourism company CEO, has introduced Vatanmed, a new Hair transplant center in Istanbul. Vatanmed is a new destination for health tourism in Turkey besides its famous tourist attraction and landscape. Vatanmed is a hair transplantation center located in Istanbul, Turkey and has become the destination of worldwide hair transplantation patients. Uğur Öztürk, the CEO of Vatanmed, explained, “A reliable hair transplantation is available now in Istanbul, Turkey, to help people with hair loss problems. Our hair transplantation procedures utilized the most up-to-date equipment for the best result and performed by experienced hair transplantation specialists.”

Vatanmed hair transplant offers a comprehensive hair transplant in Istanbul. They include hair transplants to restore lost hair due to some reason such as injury and chemotherapy or other medications. Other than that, they are also capable of performing beard transplant & mustache transplant, as well as blood plasma treatment. The hair transplantation procedure takes 7-10 hours of a process without risk, and the total treatment period only takes 3 days.

The Vatanmed CEO Uğur Öztürk explained that they utilize sophisticated equipment and methods to perform hair transplant procedures. Therefore, the patients would not feel pain during the hair transplant procedures. Their painless hair transplantation methods include the DHI method or pencil technique. Other methods used in the Vatanmed hair transplant center include the SAPPHIRE method and FUE method. The SAPPHIRE method utilizes a smooth surface crystal and doesn’t cause excessive tissue damage like the method used with steel-tipped blades. Another hair transplant method is called the FUE method. It is a non-surgical procedure and considered as fast, painless, and gives good results.

About Vatanmed hair transplant center

Vatanmed hair transplant center is a leading hair transplantation center in Istanbul, Turkey. They provide hair transplant solutions for those who need to restore their bald hair, beard, and mustache. Moreover, they also offer Blood plasma treatment, including Mesotherapy and Aesthetics. Vatanmed hair transplant center has many years of experience and has successfully performed hair transplants for many patients from Turkey and worldwide. With the existence of Vatanmed hair transplant center, Turkey has become one of the worldwide destinations for health tourism for people seeking affordable hair transplantation. Hair transplantation in Turkey would cost lower than in Europe and American Countries.

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