Online Staffing Platform Provides Flexible Jobs in Charlotte, NC

Finding flexible work to fit around family life, children, nursery collections and other commitments can be a difficult task. And hunting through job listings and agencies can prove to be just as hard, with a lack of filters and potentially hundreds of irrelevant search results to wade through.

This process can be especially difficult when it comes to roles that are not full time and do not provide flexible working arrangements. For many potential candidates, this can mean that they never find the right role, and as a result people lose out on valuable income and employers lose out on good potential hires.

For citizens of Charlotte, NC, there is a much easier way of locating part time jobs, full time jobs and flexible jobs. Upshift is an online staffing platform that allows candidates to join and find flexible work. Candidates are rigorously screened for skills, qualifications and personality in order to only make the most suitable candidates available and not to waste anyone’s time.

A spokeswoman for Upshift told us more about their process and recipe for success. “Our platform helps candidates save a lot of time looking for full time jobs, part time jobs and flexible jobs in Charlotte, NC. We decline 88% of applicants, meaning that the 12% we work with have an optimal experience and can pick and choose the roles that suit their requirements and circumstances the best. We find this is a win-win situation for both employers and candidates since no time is wasted on unnecessary job searches or interviews.”

“This approach delivers an optimal experience for both candidates and recruiters. For candidates it means they can set their own schedule and criteria, and pick up work. Everything is app-based from applying for and accepting roles to clocking into and out of work to get paid.”

The same simple process applies to businesses in Charlotte, NC looking to hire hourly on-demand help. With the proven and rigorous approach to candidate screening that Upshift applies, only the most relevant and qualified candidates are made available to hiring firms. Sectors and skills include warehousing, distribution and manufacturing, catering and events, hotels, tourism and hospitality, administrative and call center roles, and the food service industry.

“Our whole business is driven by technology. This means we are able tocut the cost of recruitment by up to 50% compared to the traditional agency approach. It also makes it much easier to fit candidates’ skills and experience to different roles, and provides a solution to manage schedules, invoicing and payments all via an app-based system. Our ongoing reviews and disciplinary policy also ensures that employers are never disappointed with Upshift workers.”

About Upshift Charlotte

Upshift is a Charlotte, NC-based staffing company that adopts a technology-first approach to recruiting full time, part time and flexible jobs in a variety of sectors and professions. The approach enables candidates to efficiently search for and find work to fit their circumstances, and for employers to locate the best possible candidates even at the shortest notice.

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