CultureStrategy Announces Lean PeopleOps-as-a-Service for Startups and SMBs

New York, NY – March 22, 2021 – As startups experience rapid growth, problems and inconsistencies with communication, culture, and data sharing are often inevitable. These organizational culture and operational issues can often mistakenly get overlooked by executive management, increasing business risk through high turnover, poor employee performance, and reputational damage.

According to CultureStrategy, an innovative human capital consulting and advisory firm, people and culture need to be consistently measured and optimized alongside traditional business-critical metrics. Using their array of assessments and predictive analytics tools, as well as partnerships with Zenefits and BambooHR, the consultancy has recently launched their Lean PeopleOps-as-a-Service offering tailored to growing startups and small businesses.

The Lean PeopleOps Offering is especially designed for early stage startups of anywhere from 10-100 employees, who may or may not have an existing HR function in place. The model is simple and highly customizable to an organization’s needs, with 3 tiers of service depending on the company’s growth stage and unique needs. Whether you need “A Helping Hand” or “A Full Body Experience” (i.e. an interim HR leader), they have you covered.

Their suite of deliverables include a 360-degree organizational assessment, 3-year strategic people and culture plan aligned to the business, ideal organizational design, tool recommendations and support, performance management design, and leadership and communication coaching.  They also have a specialized practice in diversity and inclusion.

CultureStrategy’s unique differentiator? As one of their clients put it, it’s their “ideal combination of hard and soft skills.”  Their strong analytics expertise and tools help you quickly design optimal teams, identify potential leaders, as well as diagnose and address organizational and operational issues that may be impacting growth.

On the flip side, their expertise in neuroscience, behavior, and “soft skills” help you embed emotional intelligence and empathy in your culture through leadership coaching.

So far, their model has proven capital-efficient for companies needing to improve organizational alignment and culture, yet limited on the funds to hire a full-time PeopleOps Leader. They have been able to save clients up to 55% on HR salaries alone without accounting for the benefits of improved operating efficiency.

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About CultureStrategy Inc.

CultureStrategy is a women-led human capital advisory and change management consulting  firm.  While they work across industries, their advisors have specialized knowledge within healthcare and pharma, software, and media.  They specialize in optimizing organizational design, learning and development, diversity and inclusion, and communication coaching and training.

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