Seattle Start-Up Adopts A “Treasure Hunts” Fundraising Approach For Charities

Providers of innovative fundraising solutions for charities, The Treasure Pursuit, expands to Portland to help more local charities and non-profit organizations raise funds through treasure hunts

The Treasure Pursuit is not resting on their oars of helping local charities and non-profit organizations by hosting monthly treasure hunts, with the recent completion of their third treasure hunt (or “treasure pursuit”) of 2021. In a related development, the organization has announced plans to take their innovative fundraising approach to Portland, as the next hunt moves to the largest and most populous city in Oregon. 

One of the major challenges faced by charities and non-profit organizations is getting enough funds to pursue their cause. Over the years, several solutions have emerged, many leveraging technology to help non-profits raise funds. The team at The Treasure Pursuit led by Chris Zahn looks to change the narrative while bringing some fun and excitement to the process. 

At The Treasure Pursuit, we want to give people the thrill of deciphering clues, hunting for treasure, and winning prizes, while helping to support the local community’s charities and non-profit organizations.” Zahn said, We’ve kept the participation to friends and family for these first few treasure huntsSince we have had great success and feedback, we decided it was time to start raising funds and open the hunts to the public. 

The Treasure Pursuit currently hosts monthly treasure hunts in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR, providing a fun and exciting experience for participants who win prizes by finding the treasure location. The event is open to anyone, irrespective of age or location in different parts of the world, with participants able to submit answers to where the treasure is hidden remotely and still win prizes. 

 “We have a great team that hosts these pursuits every month,” Zahn says, “and they’re constantly looking for the opportunity to expand.” The Treasure Pursuit hopes to host treasure hunts in five cities by the end of 2021; some cities they have been looking at expanding to include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Madison, and Boston. Interested persons can participate in the fun events and help support great causes by purchasing tickets for just $10.00.  

For more information about ticket purchases and the fundraising treasure hunts from The Treasure Pursuit, please visit - The Treasure Pursuit can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Twitter. 

About The Treasure Pursuit 

The Treasure Pursuit is an organization that hosts monthly treasure hunts with the goal of raising money for local charities and non-profit organizations. The organization aims to bring the fun and excitement of decoding clues and riddles to finding the location of a hidden treasure to supporting a good cause. 

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