EsportsPro Launches A New Gaming Sponsorship Platform And ESPRO Token

EsportsPro Launches A New Gaming Sponsorship Platform And ESPRO Token
Innovative e-gaming solutions provider, EsportsPro, announces the launch of a user-friendly platform and token to connect esports with brands in the industry

EsportsPro looks poised to challenge the status quo in the ever-growing gaming industry with the launch of the MVP platform. The user-friendly platform is designed to connect the different stakeholders in the industry, allowing players to express their gaming skills while providing an avenue for brands to connect and reach out to their target audience. In a related development, EsportsPro has announced the launch of the ESPRO Token, which is currently listed on P2P B2B.

The gaming world has evolved over the years with the emergence of several developers as well as talented gamers providing the best form of entertainment to gaming enthusiasts. Esports has undoubtedly changed the industry as it continues to grow, thanks to the increasing penetration of the internet and the development of a wide range of products from manufacturers. According to a recent report published by Grand View Research, the global esports market size was valued at over $1.1 billion in 2019 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.4% from 2020 to 2027. However, many of the available platforms do not meet the needs of gamers, brands, and investors, which is where EsportsPro is looking to make a difference with their all-inclusive e-gaming ecosystem.

The EsportsPro ecosystem offers a unique, comprehensive platform for gaming tournament organizers, gamers, and brands, with a marketplace for selling gaming services. The uniqueness of the platform positions the ESPRO Token for great potentials and an opportunity for investors to be a part of the lucrative e-gaming industry.

EsportsPro has also announced plans to launch NFT sponsored tournaments as well as donations and subscriptions as the platform grows.

For more information about EsportsPro and how to be a part of the revolutionary e-gaming platform, please visit – EsportsPro can also be found across social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

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