Nigerian Afrocentric Designer Serah Kassim Celebrates African Fashion Renaissance

Fashion designer amplifies African heritage and culture in her vibrant, beautiful prints.

Serah Kassim is proud to be part of the African Fashion Renaissance, and as a Nigerian Afrocentric designer, she is committed to reinvent what Afrocentric style means.

Each of her pieces ornately weaves together elements of Afrocentric fashion and modern African print while also promoting African textiles. Altogether, her brand is introducing a new way for new generations of Africans to honor their heritage while also wearing garments made of African textiles.

“The pieces from Serah Kassim are amazing,” said a recent customer. “Definitely recommend this shop to everyone!”

Kassim says she was also partially inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic to reposition her brand. The company worked to respond quickly, expanding their inventory and widening their digital foot print to reach new customers. Kassim hopes her brand can bring light into many lives, particularly Black women who want to show African pride while also being at the height of style.

Her work has already been featured on Vogue and has been at the center of a long list of positive reviews, but Kassim says she’s just getting started. She looks forward to continuing to grow her brand during 2021 and beyond. Right now, customers can enjoy free worldwide shipping on their orders.

Further details can be found now at and Instagram.

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Nigerian Afrocentric designer Serah Kassim offers stunning African fashion prints.

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