THE WALLBERRY introduces an exquisite collection of peel and stick wallpapers

Self adhesive wallpapers to make your room bloom.

When it comes to decorating, peel and stick wallpapers are among the latest trends. And the reason behind that is clear. Who wouldn’t want to skip the mess of redesigning the space when it is possible to just peel and stick for great results? Self adhesive wallpaper really works like a sticker as no wallpaper paste or glue is needed. The formula here is simple – just peel off the back layer, adjust it to your wall, and enjoy. This is the fastest and easiest room update that can be done in just few hours.

White and blank space is outdated, as people want their homes to reflect their personalities and lifestyle. Every wall can become a story of the design preferences, a beautiful accent of the home and a topic for a conversation with guests. Long gone are the days when wallpapers were the sign of a grandma chic. Even though The Wallberry features some classic designs like Art Deco wallpapers, all of them are done in a fresh and modern way. Bright and vivid hues, sleek matt finish, and rich material makes any of their options a 100% great choice for a sophisticated and stylish design.

They key goal of The Wallberry is to create unique, standout designs that can become a topic for conversation. Even when they do minimalist designs, they are featured in fun and trendy hues to make life and interior design less serious. From whimsical and floral prints to modern and contemporary graphic patterns, every each of the self adhesive wallpapers is made to make a room bloom.

Peel and stick wallpapers are the finest, fastest, and most fool-proof way how one can update your room in a matter of few hours. In short, just peel it – stick it – and love it. Self adhesive wallpapers by Thee Wallberry works like a decal because no wallpaper paste or other messy stuff is required. The material is 100% opaque so the background never shines through. Moreover, it is highly adhesive so the wallpaper will stick and look awesome for years to come.

This spring, The Wallberry is announcing new and exciting designs that will surely become crowd favorites. For example, the new collection of boho wallpapers is made with one goal in mind – to make the wallpapers Instagram-friendly. New, fun and contemporary designs like female body lines wallpaper will easily gain the spotlight of social media. Whereas kids will love the new designs with cheetahs and leopards that will turn the nursery into a fun safari. More whimsical and cute designs with floral, cartoon and animal patterns can be found in the collection of Kids room wallpapers.

When it comes to production, The Wallberry is an expert in printing and paper quality. In other words, they don’t subcontract just a random printing service. They do it by themselves with the latest state-of-art printing technologies. Therefore, they can move fast and never compromise the high standards.

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