New Clear Face Mask helps schools and businesses smile again

“Bringing back happiness” safely is the mission behind these protective masks during the pandemic.

Irvine, CA – March 23, 2021 – One of the most noticeable things missing during these challenging times are people’s smiles and expressions. To some, this has made life in a pandemic even more difficult at work and school. With increased calls to continue wearing the mask to reduce the spread of Covid-19, most faces we see are understandably covered up. The Jelli M1 Mask is the result of 6-months of intense collaboration across three continents. An improved version of last year’s highly anticipated prototype arrives in the US this week with school districts, hospitality services and events organizers pre-ordering more masks for their employees.

The company’s mission is to help people share more smiles with a reusable, long-lasting mask that marries comfort with safety. Christopher Walker, a High School Principal in Houston, TX, says: “In the teaching world it is really important for our students to see our faces for academics and social emotions. Wearing the masks the students genuinely seem to be a little happier.”

This may help kids engage in learning better and also promotes a return to a level of normalcy and happiness. Many would agree that it does not seem natural for kids to not smile or express themselves amongst each other.

In November last year Jelli Tech International launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and is now available internationally to meet the demand for its first three masks.

“People, especially kids, found it harder to communicate normally without being able to see people’s expressions while wearing a mask. Kids and adults miss seeing smiles, especially during difficult times.” says serial entrepreneur and founder, Steve Tsao. He began working with designers and engineers from the US, Taiwan and Germany after his daughters Madison Tsao, Alexandra Tsao and Isabella Tsao came up with the idea for a clear, comfortable mask that would allow students to communicate better at school.

The Jelli M1 is in its third generation following months of close feedback sessions with early adopters. The FDA-registered mask is non-medical and suitable for recreational use.

Some more facts on the mask:

• It comes with ten exchangeable, two-layer filter packs that contain the same melt-blown layer found in other top quality masks
• It filters out 99.7% of all pollution according to international testing agency INTERTEK
• Its food-grade polycarbonate shield is highly durable
• It’s is fog resistant
• Three school children came up with the idea for the first close-fitting, clear face mask that doesn’t fog up when you talk
• Discreet head straps and filter positions make the Jelli M1 the least disruptive protection for wearers who are fashion conscious
• The mask comes in three colors: Midnight (black), Arctic (white) and Cherry (pink)

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About Jelli Tech International:

Jelli Tech International is a privately held company based in Kent, Delaware, that develops personal protective products. Jelli’s mission is to create safe, comfortable, reusable masks that enable people to smile and express themselves again during the challenging pandemic.

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