FirstChoice Bee Removal Offers Best-in-Class Service in Phoenix Arizona

FirstChoice Bee Removal Offers Best-in-Class Service in Phoenix Arizona
Since 2009, FirstChoice Bee Removal’s professional services have been helping Arizonians

UNITED STATES – MARCH 23, 2021 – The team at FirstChoice Bee Removal has bee offering best- in-class bee removal services for people and companies across the state of Arizona since 2009, and they are proud to continue their tradition of excellence in 2021 and beyond.

Homeowners and business owners who are met with the shock of a bee hive might find themselves overwhelmed or shocked with the sight. Some individuals take it upon themselves to attempt bee removal themselves, which often results in more problems than if they would have hired someone to help at the onset. There are a surprising amount of things that can go awry when someone tries to remove a bee nest themselves, aside from the risk and danger of being attacked and stung by bees. Even with the right protective gear in place, honey bee removal can prove troublesome for someone who has never actually carried out the task before.

According to the team at FirstChoice Bee Removal Phoenix, one of the biggest issues is that all the leftover honey in the hive melts. A hive can hold gallons of honey, and when this melts, it attracts insects and more bees. Then, maggots grow in the leftover honey and debris as flies lay their eggs there, which leads to a rotten odor. Another problem that can arise from a DIY bee removal is mold. Black mold can grow when the hive and honey are not properly removed and disposed of, and this black mold can cause a wealth of problems including permanent staining.

Perhaps an even more catastrophic outcome could be thousands of bees swarming a home or business. Even after bees are seemingly gone, thousands of new bees could show up because of the scent of pheromones being left behind.

FirstChoice Bee Removal has been helping clients avoid situations such as these by providing top rated bee removal for businesses and homes across Arizona for the past 12 years. FirstChoice Bee Hive Removal Phoenix is a Arizona certified building contractor and a registered bookkeeper. At their website, FirstChoice Bee Removal offers a series of articles designed to answer client questions, such as “What are killer bees?” and “How to remove a bee hive”. When it comes to bee removal Phoenix, they are simply best in class.

Anyone who finds a bee hive on their property in Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Goodyear, Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas can call FirstChoice Bee Removal or go online to request a quote for honey bee removal. More information about bee removal Phoenix AZ can be found at

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Since 2009, FirstChoice Bee Removal has been a leading bee removal company across the state of Florida.

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