Meet the Drapers Season 4 is on a global hunt for the next big startup idea

Meet the Drapers Season 4 is on a global hunt for the next big startup idea
Meet the Drapers is back for its fourth season and available to watch on the Game Show Network, The Economic Times, TechStorm, and Draper TV every week, reaching millions of viewers worldwide.

San Mateo, California – Meet the Drapers, created by Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Tim Draper and showrunner and director, Sarika Batra, aims to invest in the next billion-dollar idea among top startups from around the world.

“Meet the Drapers is a show that brings to light what entrepreneurs do for the world, while opening up venture capital to the ordinary investor. We entertain as we interview great entrepreneurs who might be the next Apple or Amazon, allowing viewers to participate with us as we fund the best of them. This spirit is just what the world needs now to bring us out of the covid funk,” remarks Tim Draper. 

Unlike other entrepreneurial pitch shows, Meet the Drapers democratizes investing where viewers, alongside Silicon Valley venture capitalists, can fund some of the hottest and upcoming Silicon Valley startups in tech.The viewers get to invest in their favorite startup through its partner and crowdfunding platform, Republic

Tim has dropped more knowledge in 3 seasons then most venture capitalists do in a lifetime and he upped his game for season 4,” says Chuck Pettid, CEO of Republic Crowdfunding Portal. “Watch and learn has a whole new meaning.”

Last season, 9 millions viewers watched Meet the Drapers in India alone. Vivoo, the Season 3 winner — and the other top finalists — received a total of over $550K in investment from Tim Draper during the finale, and he separately invested $1M each in Vivoo and Blue.

Across all seasons, founders raised $15M from the crowd, and last season, entrepreneurs collectively raised over $7.5M through their Republic crowdfunding campaign.

As for Season 4, the show is hiking up the competition and the investment. 

This season, Meet the Drapers is bringing 27 inspiring, innovative, and “billion-dollar idea” startups that leave viewers ready to invest. Additionally, Tim Draper will provide $30,000 to each semi-finalist and invest $500K to the season 4 winner. Alongside the Draper family, each episode features a ‘celebrity’ guest judge from the startup and venture capitalist world including Ronnie Lott, NFL Hall of Famer; Adam Cheyer, co-founder of Siri; Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems; and Jay Sean, global pop singer. 

“This show gives viewers an authentic and raw look at what it takes to build a tech company for scratch and get funded,” says Sarika Batra, showrunner and director of Meet the Drapers. “The beauty of Meet the Drapers is we keep things real and don’t add additional drama, leaving viewers with a true Silicon Valley experience from the comfort of their homes.”

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Republic launched in 2016 with a mission to democratize investing as a leading equity crowdfunding platform and part of one of the most prominent startup ecosystems in the world.

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