Herr von Welt is an Innovative One-Stop Online Shop for Men’s Accessories in Berlin

Herr von Welt is an Innovative One-Stop Online Shop for Men’s Accessories in Berlin

Berlin, DE – Herr von Welt carefully curates handcrafted men’s accessories. The accessories are manufactured exclusively in small factories, mostly with family tradition over generations and always with dedication and passion in Berlin.

Herr von Welt has been existing for more than thirty years. Throughout that time, the curators, Ralph Joseph and Andreas Thenhaus have realized that the public interest in fine handcrafted accessories has risen steadily. They found it out every time they were called in as consultants for various men’s accessories manufacturing companies. This was kept going until they were finally carried away in 2016 to set up an online shop. From then on, Mr. Joseph and Mr. Thenhaus noticed that the range of men’s accessories had been growing in homeopathic doses as they had a passion for the beauty in life. This is the reason why they filled this niche in the market. As a men’s accessory online store, a little of the adventurous spirit has been tucked away in the pocket of the jacket or the buttonhole and it can be carried out into the world.

Herr von Welt offers a variety of products for its customers, including boutonnières which are made from filigree silk flowers that have been produced in Saxon Switzerland since 1834. Each of these small pieces of art is individually flowered by hand and then is blossomed as a silk accessory. The boutonnières involve carnations, roses, exotic, domestic, and mini boutonnières. Neckwear is presented with cravats, bow ties, knitted ties, and scarves. The pocket squares are made with patterned silk, patterned wool, cotton crocheted,hand-rolled silk, hand-rolled cotton, and artist editions. Leather goods contain leather wallets, business card cases, cigarette cases, pen cases, leather belts, and leather suspenders. The Online Shop also stocks suspenders with different types of attachments, a great variety of materials, a variation of colors, and elegant designs and patterns. They also have vintage and antique cufflinks, brooches, and pins. Knitwear for socks, cardigans, sweaters, and ties. Additionally, they sell handkerchiefs, sunglasses, and NATO straps.

To ensure that the store provides high-quality men’s accessories, Herr von Welt has partnered with brands that understand the various styles and men’s tastes. Their manufacturers, those family manufactories, and traditional companies produce accessories that will elevate a man’s dress code. Some of the brands they carry include Alfred Pilz, Calabrese 1924, Carlo Fumeo, Centimetro, Lunettes Kollektion, McGeorge of Scotland, Pellens & Loick, RALPH | BERLIN, and Sozzi Calze. 

Herr von Welt’s statement of the public interest in men’s accessories has been solidified by the testimonials from their current and past customers. From the glowing reviews, the accessories have elevated their style of dressing, the confidence in the online shop, and they are durable for use for generations to come.

Herr von Welt is located at Kaiserdamm 89, Berlin, 14057, DE. For inquiries, contact a professional contractor via phone at +493060930499 or visit the company’s website for additional information.

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