Contributing to Philanthropic Work Is Made Easier and Accessible More Than Ever by ‘House of Helping Hands’

Contributing to Philanthropic Work Is Made Easier and Accessible More Than Ever by ‘House of Helping Hands’

Nearly 20 people fall prey to domestic violence with every passing minute. As homes and individuals continue to fall apart due to this prevailing problem, organizations work hard to prevent and end violence at home and save countless lives in the process. One such organization is the non-profit House of Helping Hands, a group of passionate and driven changemakers out to mend broken lives and cut the issue at the root.

Partnering with House of Helping Hands has proven to be a win-win situation for anyone who wants to support the cause of ending domestic violence. Moreover, partners of House of Helping Hands can write off the partnership in tax filings.  This is doing philanthropic work without the heavy lifting.

The 501(c)(3) foundation and national movement began through Eli Hilomen, a fierce advocate who fights for the rights of domestic violence victims and survivors. As a victim of domestic violence herself, the non-profit founder and chairperson knows what it’s like to experience its severe effects. For years she remained silent mainly due to having no resources of her own to live independently. 

Today, not only is she radically free from domestic violence’s grip. She uses her platform and voice to bring liberty to thousands who suffer the same way.

House of Helping Hands provides an accessible and sustainable solution to the prevalent woes of women, children, and other individuals and groups who fall prey to domestic violence. “At House of Helping Hands, we address the top reason for remaining trapped in an abusive relationship – Financial Dependence,” shares Eli. “Along with our community partners, our participants are offered guaranteed job placement. House of Helping Hands does the heavy lifting and shoulders the cost for training.”

By taking on the proactive stance of giving domestic violence survivors legs to stand on, they bring people the ability to financially support themselves while also providing for dependents, allowing victims to escape their abusers finally. Moreover, the company offers support groups that serve as a safe space for people to share their experiences while also reconnecting with people. Because many domestic abuse victims live in isolation and fear, they often struggle with building trusted relationships. Through House of Helping Hands, many of these victims and survivors have built lasting friendships and reintegrate into small communities ruled by care, love, and trust.

As Eli and her team at House of Helping Hands continue to work towards saving lives from domestic abuse, they hope to gain more donors and volunteers who share in the mission of eradicating domestic violence at a city, region, and even nation-wide level. The organization is more than driven to continue the work of saving individuals from abusive homes, marriages, and partners, hoping to create safe houses and programs in all fifty-two states in the future.

To learn more about House of Helping Hands and how you can support them, visit their Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter, and Instagram account.

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