Shawn Fair Adds Rhonda M. Wood to His Highly Exclusive Lineup of Speakers

Shawn Fair Adds Rhonda M. Wood to His Highly Exclusive Lineup of Speakers

Sought-after business consultant, trainer, and powerful motivational speaker Shawn Fair is elevating the Leadership Experience Tour, an exclusive lineup of public speakers, by adding dynamic speaker Rhonda M. Wood to the roster. Shawn is best known for his unique ability to spot the most promising public speakers available in the industry today, and with him at the helm, the Leadership Experience Tour is expected to be an explosive event for countless people who wish to improve their leadership, managerial, and people skills. With Rhonda M. Wood onboard, an even bigger array of knowledge and skills will be unleashed for people to learn and acquire. 

Wood is a well-known life-changing empowerment speaker, life coach, entrepreneur, and book author. She has dedicated a huge part of her professional career to helping women, especially those over the age of 40, find the courage to reclaim the power that they have lost due to trauma and a painful past. Through her speaking, coaching, writing, and sign language interpreting, Wood helps her clients embrace their unlimited possibilities, whether professionally, financially, or emotionally. Fondly called the Comeback Queen by people close to her, Wood is a living testimony of someone who has overcome her own obstacles and grown stronger as a result of them. 

She learned her sign language skills at a very young age so she could connect with her deaf sister. Together they built a special bond, one that Wood greatly valued as her sister allowed her access to her quiet little world. Whenever times got difficult, and her sister seemingly did not have a voice to express her advocacies, Wood became her greatest supporter and constant voice. From her personal experience with her sister, Wood discovered two life-altering truths: how to use her voice and how to be a voice for others. 

Wood shares openly about her personal challenges as a survivor of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Rather than concentrate on the painful moments of her past, however, she emphasizes her ability to reclaim her own power. This is one of the reasons she is so uniquely qualified to help other women do the same. Through her selfless initiatives, she has successfully helped women embrace their inner healing, walk in confidence, walk in their truth, and start to create their own legacy. 

At present, Wood is anticipating the release of her book Truths, Traumas, and Triumphs!, a life-altering guide that will encourage and empower women to remove themselves from places of brokenness and walk boldly toward their breakthroughs. Through this book, women will be able to overcome their shame and break the silence in order to fulfill their God-given destiny. 

Recognized by the Success Women’s Conference as a 2020 National Top Influencer for her commitment, leadership, accomplishments, and contributions, Rhonda M. Wood is expected to be an explosive presence on Shawn Fair’s stage. She is excited to partner with Shawn as they draw fresh learnings from each other throughout the Leadership Experience Tour. In the end, many lives are expected to be touched during the event. 

Shawn Fair has been instrumental in training and empowering more than 300,000 leaders across the country through personal coaching and group training. He has delivered numerous world-class and award-winning presentations that have greatly influenced companies to create a more dynamic and productive environment for employees. He is currently a member of the Forbes Coaching Council and has delivered powerful messages in America, Canada, and Europe. Growing his company on a global scale is something that he aspires to do in the next few years.

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