HEELPEEL Protects High Heels From Scrapes and Damage

Company claims to have developed invisible protection Innovation for heels that save thousands of dollars in luxury heel damages.

Getting a brand new pair of stylish heels is always exciting. However, they are not going to look as good as they did straight out of the box once they have been worn in the outside world. Aside from getting dirty, shoes especially high-heeled ones take a beating when worn outdoors. The material of the heels themselves is likely to get scraped and damaged the most. They get scratched on curbsides or chairs, sink into wet grass and mud, and get soaked in the rain. All of these cause irreparable damage to high heels, giving them a sad, unsightly look. HEELPEEL has created a way to protect stilettos and other types of heels from getting damaged from daily wear.

HEELPEEL is a London-based company that developed the HeelPeel™ film, which protects and extends the life of high heels. According to the brand, 80% of women damage their heels within the first year. Made in Europe, the film’s ergonomic design protects heels by increasing their resistance to scuffs from hard, rough surfaces.

This new transparent film is made using commercial grade crystal hydrogel technology. It is a new innovation that is made from premium layers of high performance film that is made form CrystalAir™ Technology. Extremely durable and is completely waterproof to protect heels from mud and wet surfaces. This helps the shoes last longer and saves the owner from getting rid of an otherwise perfectly functional pair of shoes.

The adjustable film can be put on and taken off heels without leaving any marks or traces. Once applied on heels, the transparent HeelPeel™ protects them without compromising the shoes’ look and style, allowing the wearer to confidently walk in their shoes without worrying about heel damage.

HeelPeel™ can be purchased online in packs of 2, 4, or 6 pairs. Its dimensions are 5 cm high, 9 cm wide, 2 mm thick, and is suitable for multiple types of heels. The high quality protective film comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If not completely satisfied with the product, customers can simply contact HEELPEEL’s customer service team for a refund within 30 days.

For more information on the innovative HeelPeel™, visit http://WWW.HEELPEEL.COM.


HEELPEEL is a London-based company that developed an innovative product designed to protect heels from scrapes, scratches, and other forms of wear and tear. The protective films are all made in Europe using the latest CrystalAir Technology for extreme durability and flexibility.

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