CEO of the Student Economic Forum, Tracy Tully, Takes on New Role of Director of the INNOV8 AWARDS

A creative, transcontinental and global awards, the INNOV8 AWARDS kicks off 2021 by hosting its inaugural awards officially launching on 30th March 2021.

Tracy Tully, CEO of the Student Economic Forum SEF and Director of Motivation and Resilience for Wealth MRW is launching her new role as Director of the INNOV8 AWARDS.

Original and creative in thinking, the INNOV8 AWARDS are for national and global business services and product designers who seek recognition for their innovative ideas and products.

With over 50 categories; 3 in women’s global business and 38 state-of-the-art, creative in thinking business classes, Tracy also incorporated 3 discounted categories open to Australian university students currently studying in Engineering, Creative Design and Agriculture. The INNOV8 AWARDS provide opportunities for those who seek recognition for their innovative ideas and products and are over 18 years old.

In an effort to help support and boost the profile and presence of Australia’s wool industry, Tracy also included 6 Australian Wool Designer Awards categories for aspiring and enterprising designers. Tracy Tully explains “the purpose of the INNOV8 AWARDS Australian Wool Designer categories is to inspire creative entries with a vision to design a suite of national contemporary outfits, embracing Australia’s natural beauty. These awards celebrate our creative artisans, showcasing Australian wool and innovation.

In December 2020, the INNOV8 AWARDS was established in Toowoomba, Queensland by Tracy Tully, with the aim to share a passion for creativity. Tracy developed the awards to celebrate businesses, those new and established as well as helping young people and university students. “Celebrating success is high on the agenda with the new INNOV8 AWARDS, created with the desire to take dreams into reality and onto a path of commercial enterprise,” said Tracy Tully.

Tracy has embarked on a new adventure to inspire businesses and student ambassadors to advance economic prosperity across cultures and beyond borders as Director of the INNOV8 AWARDS.

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Tracy Tully established the INNOV8 AWARDS as the result of a quest to find awards that catered for a variety of business, commerce, craft, trade and study areas including those vital volunteers, with the provision for all age groups over 18 years.

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Tracy Tully is recognised as a valuable resource in the speaking industry, an author, writer, health and wellness coach and mindset mentor. Creating influential communicators and teaching how to master fear of speaking, Tracy’s story as a whistle-blower inspires motivation to build resilience in others.

As CEO of the Student Economic Forum SEF “The INNOV8 AWARDS encourages Australian university students to build confidence and help discover the most powerful resources within; creativity and innovation,” said Tracy Tully.

Tracy founded the original and creative INNOV8 AWARDS focussed on inspiring change around the globe by providing a platform for innovative businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase achievement and success.

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