The latest bestseller, ‘Surviving the Deep State’ by Muir Taylor

Surviving the Deep State is a book that explores state secrets and conspiracies in terms of the future of America and where it is headed as a nation.

This just-published book on Amazon reviews not the light foreground but instead the deep background of the Trump Dossier, CIA Vault 7, the identity of the secret cabal that resides in London and controls the Federal Reserve, the secrets of Freemasonry, the shadow government, and JFK, and the Committee of 300. The book poses questions such as Is the fiat money currency going to be pumped up until it implodes? It explains and explores alternative ways to protect oneself.

Who are the Deep State and the New World Order?  What is their history in the last one hundred years?  What are their plans for the United States? 

The United States has the highest debt level of any nation in the world. Under the Deep State, it will be astronomically higher. Right now, it is crucial to go into survivalist mode from a standpoint of major investment diversification.

Most importantly, this book leads the reader to the penultimate last chapter “The End Game.” This is a detailed description of where the New World Order policies are purposely and secretly leading America. It is a revelation that every American needs to know. The Deep State has been referred to as agents of the “establishment” or the “shadow government” by various commentators.  Their hidden agenda is revealed for the first time in the book that takes the reader step-by-step from the outer reaches to the inner core of what is about to befall America.

Even though an individual cannot change the world system, one can make oneself impervious to it, and profit tremendously as a result. This book must be distributed on a national scale. Surviving the Deep State explains it all – including the mystery of the End Game – with an in-depth discussion of arcane knowledge including the money trail that leads right back into the mysterious Chocolate Mountains of California – the mineral resources the insiders have in place for the crash.

If anyone wants to have any chance of surviving what is imminent, they must have this book to get positioned ahead of time. The author’s personal recommendation is for readers to empower themselves today by buying this book!

Significant highlights of the book:

  • This book leads the reader into safe-haven investments that will protect their assets from the Deep State.
  • Who is the true New World Order and what institutions do they control in London, New York, and Washington?
  • What economic devastation is inevitable under their goals?
  • What is their end game for the United States?

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