Discusses What Practicing Dentists Need to Know about Dental Consulting Discusses What Practicing Dentists Need to Know about Dental Consulting

When people need help and guidance with managing their oral health, they go to dentists because these specialists have years of training and experience in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the teeth and gums. While dentists excel in clinical practice, not all of them are pros at managing all the other areas of their businesses. Like their patients, dentists turn to specialists. They hire dental consultants.

What Is a Dental Consultant?

Dental consultants often start out as practicing dentists before moving on to focus on the business end of providing care. There’s a lot more to managing a dental office than most people would think, and according to, hiring a consultant is the best way to start or expand a practice. These experts usually have MBAs or similar business-related degrees and can help dentists come up with strategies for business growth, bookkeeping, loss prevention, and more.

A Hands-On Approach to Dental Management

Dentists could hire different consultants to help them with each problem they have, but they’ll get more help from a dedicated dental consultant. Consultants with specific experience in the area of dental practice understand how challenging it is to develop and maintain a strong, growth-oriented business structure while focusing on patient care. They take a hands-on approach to helping clients develop business and financial goals and identifying opportunities for growth.

Signs It’s Time for Dental Consulting

Not all dentists need consulting services. That said, most active practices can benefit from working with professionals who have a deep understanding of the business side of things. Here are a few signs it’s time to start working with a dental consultant:

  • It’s difficult to attract new patients

  • The clinic’s margins are low

  • There’s no way to offer competitive pay

  • It feels like there’s never enough time

  • There’s a lot of tension among office staff

It’s time to change directions

More often than not, there are underlying problems going unaddressed that are causing dentists and their staff problems in the office. Identifying those problems is the first step toward resolving them. A dental consultant will be able to offer a new perspective on existing issues and help his or her client come up with a plan for how to resolve them.

How to Choose a Consultant

The most important thing is to find a consulting firm like Eide Bailly that has tons of experience working with practicing dentists. Most dentists are busy navigating the complex world of providing care during a pandemic and answering questions like Will Your Dentist Give You A Covid-19 Vaccine? Choose a consultant who takes an innovative approach to identify goals and potential solutions that will remain relevant even during challenging times.

The Bottom Line

Running any business is hard, especially in today’s trying times. Dentists want to focus on what matters most to them: providing patient care. Without adequate direction and business acumen, though, it’s easy for things to get derailed. Dental consulting can help get the practice back on track toward increased growth and improved patient satisfaction.

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