Life is Easier with Savely, Automate Savings With The Travel Wallet.

Being happier. Stressing less. Sleeping soundly. Does that sound familiar? Probably not. Most likely, one is having difficulty being resilient during the past  of a year – just like the rest of us. Because according to recent data, more than 80% of Americans are stressing out about the future. Much of that stress comes from the uncertainty of wondering when things will return to normal, if ever.

So, how can we reduce that stress? By giving ourselves something to look forward to with a goal. However, goals are tricky, because as humans, we have a natural tendency to procrastinate. Procrastination leads to a higher level of frustration, guilt, stress, and anxiety. Let’s face it, I still haven’t returned that Nicolas Cage body pillow because I’d rather be watching Lucifer Season 5 on Netflix. What I need are a few clear goals. Clear goals are those that are personal and specific to you as an individual. And who doesn’t like being an individual? (hey mom ).

When goals become personalized, they become more transparent. That level of clarity becomes a powerful motivator to start saving (and start doing). Most saving apps rarely know how much you need to save. The user experience is tiresome, and it’s a hassle to answer questions you don’t know the answer to. The result – is one’s hard-earned cash parked in apps that have no idea what goals really cost, don’t care if the goals match, or who could care less if goals even get reached. Sound familiar?

Get ready for Savely ️ 

That’s where Savely comes in. The savings app that’s ready for todays new normal. Designed with automatic reoccurring “Autosave” deposits right from the start – daily, weekly, monthly – Savely uses quick tips, bite sized wisdom, and a sense of humor to help you focus on reaching your goals. With a high level of transparency and personalization built right in, all the guesswork for creating goals has been stripped away and replaced with a refreshingly minimal interface that never feels too complex or obscure. No matter where you are in the financial journey, Savely can help one control the money, stack the cash, and achieve the goals with confidence. Also, its totally free? Yeah.

These days, one goal we could all use a few more of is a vacation. A vacation? I can’t afford a vacation! That’s why everybody should download Savely from the App Store. Remember, having something fun to look forward to will help reduce the financial stress, boost happiness, and improve overall well-being (and the occasional emoji  helps). Come back refreshed, energized, and ready to confront that creepy guy at work who keeps stealing your coffee mug. So far, the Savely team is amazed by the response they’ve received from their growing community.

Looking forward to getting screamed at by Gordan Ramsey at his new restaurant in Rome? Then download Savely and start customizing a goal for summer 2021.

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