Seavest Property Solutions: Easy, Cash-Saving Solutions for All Property Problems In Atlanta

Seavest Property Solutions is a company of professional home buyers with expert knowledge of the real estate market. Their expertise lies in buying problem properties for all cash before renovating them for the market.

Atlanta, GA, United States – Best in the business, Seavest Property Solutions are real estate experts and professional home buyers in Atlanta. With extreme knowledge of the Atlanta Metro market, Seavest Property Solutions is here to solve all property-related problems. As professional home buyers, they buy distressed properties, non-distressed properties, and multifamily properties. SPS can renovate, flip, and manage properties for clients to put the renovated property back in the market for a better retail value.

Undoubtedly, anyone with a sharp eye on the Atlanta real estate market can pinpoint the effects brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Numerous signs point towards a temporary economic slow-down and slump situation. The pandemic brought about a lot of uncertainty in terms of household finances which is initially why many clients reconsidered buying property causing a significant impact on the real estate market in some markets.

However, in the city of Atlanta, property prices have skyrocketed due to low-interest rates creating a “seller’s market” and causing buyer bidding wars on homes for sale. It is not uncommon in certain areas of Metro Atlanta for sellers to receive fifty offers for their property. With the current issues at hand, Seavest Property Solutions has announced its new campaign starting the month of April. With the benefit of the customer at heart, the management at Seavest Property Solutions has decided to renovate and offer properties for sale at pre-pandemic prices. With the old prices back in action, bidding war situations can be kept at bay on some properties. Seavest Property Solutions firmly commented on the situation, “only the first offer at list price will be accepted, no subsequent offers will be entertained.”

The team at Seavest Property Solutions hopes to carry out this campaign for the coming year in hopes to make properties available to the market with prices that have not been temporarily inflated. Considering the sales volumes, property cancellations and purchases really depend on the type of customer, their level of risk, and comfort. Several properties in the market have been kept on hold mainly due to the uncertainty of the global situation. Experts in the field suggest that clients all over the country have been making buying decisions simply based on fear and nothing else. 

Luckily with Seavest Property Solutions, problem-solving is their forte. A tired landlord can sell her burdensome rental property quickly. A homeowner can get rid of that ugly house in Atlanta with the help of Seavest Property Solutions as they regularly help clients in getting rid of their ‘problem property’. Clients facing foreclosure that need to sell their house fast can avoid foreclosure and save themselves from damaging their credit and losing the property in foreclosure. Homeowners who have inherited an Atlanta house are realizing that they can be difficult properties to sell, however, with their experience and expertise SPS as homebuyers can get the job done and by paying all cash for houses in Atlanta.

As Metro Atlanta, real estate professionals, no vacant house in Atlanta, ugly house or problem property is too difficult for their knowledgeable team to buy and sell. Clients can easily break free of their stressful property situations and take the fast, all cash and easy route with Seavest Property Solutions. 

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