Ignite Leadership360 Becoming Delaware and Mid-Atlantic’s Fastest Growing Coaching Certification and Leadership Company

Ignite Leadership360 helps clients get to the core of their why!

Ignite Leadership360 is quickly becoming the top coaching and leadership company across Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic. Not only does the company offer countless traditional coaching strategies, they even offer incredible breakthrough experiences like glasswalking and hot coal firewalking as a goal setting experiential.

The company was founded by Master Life & Leadership Coach Kiera Smale, an entrepreneur and a mom of five who is also a Certified Life and Leadership Coach, DiSC Behavioral Assessment Practitioner, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Certified Reiki Practitioner, and Firewalking Empowerment Instructor.

“My job as your coach is to put that mirror in front of you and call you out on the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck,” says President and Founder Kiera Smale.

Mike Womer, Chief Managing Partner, said, “Becoming Delaware’s #1 Life and Leadership company inspired us to grow beyond its borders and export the Ignite Coaching and Certification model to help as many individuals as possible.”

Ignite Leadership360 offers a simplified signature four-step Life Coaching Program designed to help people put themselves first, create more fulfilling relationships, advance in their careers, exit toxic relationships, kick empty nester depression aside, stop being a people pleaser, and find your purpose and WHY.

Ignite’s 60 minute complimentary coaching session begins with a DiSC Personality Assessment, which is used to help clients and coaches at Ignite Leadership360 work together to find what motivates the client and determine how that can influence their behavior. Then, the Ignite Coaches work to help clients determine their limiting beliefs and the meaning a client gives it. Once this is complete, coaches and clients can begin to set the groundwork for actions to be taken. The last step shows clients how to take meaningful action and get the results they want.

Anyone wishing to take control of their life can connect with Ignite Leadership360 for a complimentary coaching session. This highly rated company serves clients coast to coast with virtual leadership development workshops, executive & personal coaching, and even experience the HOME of Delaware Firewalking – Ignition the Firewalk. The Ignite Leadership360 programs can be experienced virtually nationwide and are conveniently located in person held near Baltimore, Philadelphia, Annapolis, Wilmington, West Chester, Dover, Rehoboth, and Salisbury.

“If you are looking for a Life Coach program, this is the best that I’ve seen. I’m sure you could go through Tony Robbins or someone like that, but you’d have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars. I recommend this program to anyone that is thinking about coaching. You’ll definitely feel ready to take on clients by the time you’re done.” – Lynette Keenum

In addition, their company offers a top-rated 6 & 12 month Life Coach Certification Program.

Ignite Leadership360 is becoming a name heard across the country. Their team is now accepting new clients. More information can be found at www.topdelawarelifecoach.com.

About Ignite Leadership360

Ignite Leadership360offers Delaware’s top Certified Personal and Professional Development Coaching Solutions, including Firewalking and Life Coach Certification.

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