Disrupting Vegetable Gardening, with a digital tech spin.

Saddle River, NJ – March 23, 2021 – Hummingbird Enterprises, Inc. begins shipping My Portable Garden™ Kits today from MyPortableGarden.com. The kits offer convenience, value, with a very easy way to grow delicious vegetable plants in small spaces.

My Portable Garden Kits are the perfect way for singles and young families to enjoy the benefits of growing their own vegetables in these uncertain COVID times.

And the app finally brings meaningful digital technology to the home gardening space!

The home gardening market has exploded – 20 million new people joined the category in 2020.

Why? People are looking to find new things to do at home during the pandemic!

My Portable Garden™ Kits offers delicious vegetable gardening to folks living in urban and suburban areas who do not have much space to garden.

It couldn’t be easier!

1. No one wants oversized bags of all types of gardening supplies for just a couple of vegetable plants!

My Portable Garden™ ships everything singles and families with limited growing space will need to grow delicious vegetables for the season. They just have to provide sunshine and water.

My Portable Garden™ Kit includes the following excellent value;

– USDA approved five or 7-gallon containers with Constant Feed™ “wicking” water reservoir, water level gauge, and pipe cover.

– Enriched soil (blended garden safe soil, peat moss, compost, starter fertilizer, lime, and Epson salt).

– Mulch.

– Two types of fertilizer with a measuring teaspoon.

– Two 5 foot “Go As Your Grow™” Stakes (adjustable & made of hand-cut untreated natural wood, not stained bamboo or plastic to leech into your soil).

– Clips and plant ties.

– Pruning shears (stainless steel).

– 1-Gallon water jug (USDA approved) with a funnel.

– 16″ water overflow catch saucer.

– Easy setup instruction videos on the mobile and website as well as in the App Store or Google Play.

– An app that provides fun “Reminders” throughout the season for FREE the first year! Users can name their eggplant “Arnold”! Users get seven reminders on caring for “Arnold” during the season – a $9.95 value.

– Tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, lettuce, kale, spinach, herb, etc. in-app seasonal Growing Guides.

(Yes, this is the infamous Carolina Reaper Pepper – the hottest in the world. Amazing!)

2. An app to manage a tomato plant? Come on!

App users can name their tomato plant “Arnold” in the app – after their second-grade boyfriend! We will send seven reminders during the season on how to care for Arnold, their tomato plant.

Upload Arnold’s picture to the app and record his production history. Users even get notified when the temperature drops based on their zip code to remind them to bring Arnold inside. They wouldn’t want anything to happen to Arnold, would they?

3. Other stuff.

My Portable Garden comes either with organic or conventional contents. Pricing starts at $99 and includes free shipping until June 30, 2021.

My Portable Garden™ Kits are hand-crafted in the “Garden State” of New Jersey. 

10% of profits are used to donate My Portable Garden Kits to schools in underserved communities.

My Portable Garden™Kits offers delicious vegetable gardening that is so 2021!

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