Kohl-Radio GameDevelopment Studio Unveils Challenging, Fun Video Game Flum’s World

Kohl-Radio GameDevelopment Studio is proud to announce the release of its newest game titled “Flum’s World.” This indie game developer has created the next offshoot of their “Lazy Game Development” platform, bringing an immersive, fun, and challenging experience to players of all ages and experience levels.

Flum’s World tells the story of a tiny unicorn named Flum who is on a mission to save her friends from a mysterious “nasty beast.” Flum’s World was designed as a “runner game,” wherein Flum runs forward collecting diamonds and fruit that spawn at random to meet the game’s objectives. Players must collect 100 diamonds to get to the next level, and as Flum collects more and more diamonds and fruit, the game gets faster and faster. All the while, Flum must dodge obstacles and avoid crashing so that she can make it to the end of the level. When Flum collides with obstacles like trees, she loses some of the fruit she collected. If Flum collides with an obstacle while she is out of fruit, she will need to “rest,” meaning that the game is over until the player tries again and that she will lose all of the diamonds she collected.

Flum’s World was designed with special, deliberate touches that make it perfect for kids. The best way to describe Flum’s world is “lovingly designed,” and anyone who plays it will feel that Ulf Spethmann, the creator, poured his heart into building an immersive, vibrant gaming world.

Flum’s World is a new game with room to grow. Kohl-Radio encourages people to reach out with any ideas to make Flum’s World even better and to help the people who love the game most build something that is truly representative of them. Flum’s World is available for free. By watching advertisements, players can earn extra diamonds to take their gameplay to the next level.

To learn more about Kohl-Radio GameDevelopment Studio and Ulf Spethmann, please click here.

Flum’s World is available for download in the GooglePlay store and App store.

About Kohl-Radio GameDevelopment Studio

Kohl-Radio GameDevelopment Studio is an indie game developer that specializes in the creation of fun games for people of all ages. Ulf Spethmann created Kohl-Radio and designs and builds the games it showcases.

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