Aljoscha Long and Ronald Schweppe Announce “KURMA,” A Powerful New Mindfulness Application and Coach In The Palm Of The Hand

Bestselling German authors Aljoscha Long and Ronald Schweppe have announced the release of a new mobile application for mindfulness training, “KURMA.” The authors of more than 50 books on topics of mindfulness, meditation, Buddhism, and compassion, Long and Schweppe are excited to release KURMA, the future of effective, science-based mindfulness training that prioritizes ease of use.


Every day, wherever you are, KURMA has been designed to provide people from all walks of life with the mindfulness resources they need to navigate life and its many challenges. With KURMA, people will learn to control impulses and connect with their inner self to find new ways to relax and increase their awareness. Bringing years of research and expertise to fingertips worldwide, KURMA’s founders, Long and Schweppe, embrace their combined experience as authors, researchers, mediation experts, and certified psychologists to make the journey to mindfulness possible for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. 

A powerful resource and mindfulness coach in the palm of the hand, users will enjoy mindfulness impulses, inspirations for increased mindfulness and equanimity quotes about mindfulness, happiness and joy, as well as mini-meditations for daily exercises and reflection. Also, one guided audio meditation is included in the free version. Many more mindfulness impulses, inspirations, quotes, mini-meditations and guided audio meditations, including Bodyscan, Mindfulness Meditation, Heart Meditation and a Short Meditation are available in the premium upgrade.

KURMA is available for free in English and German with all guided mindfulness-meditations included – no ads or in-app purchases required. Try it today to reduce stress, sleep better, ease anxiety or depression, overcome burnout, and cope with emotions.

To download KURMA, please visit the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. KURMA embraces a clean, minimalist interface to enhance relaxation and mindfulness training.

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