CoastFi’s $100 For a Hotspot: How Thousands Are Earning Passive Income Renting a Portion of Their WiFi

In the Digital Age, Data is Essential for Nearly All Businesses, and CoastFi Created an Affordable and Profitable Solution

As the modern world changes, modern solutions are required to adapt. In 2021, nearly every business requires the use of data to carry out operations. The problem is that data is not cheap, and can be a large undertaking for businesses in various industries. Dedicated to innovation, CoastFi has integrated a modern solution that is not only affordable for businesses but profitable for individuals. Using the method of “shared economy” CoastFi has implemented a WiFi renting system where thousands of individuals are earning a passive income while supporting businesses in their area.

The past year has presented challenges to everyone; individuals and businesses alike. In times like this, any expense can seem unbearable, and many are looking for supplemental methods to harness passive income. CoastFi makes it effortless to earn an extra $100 per year by hosting a Hotspot that ‘rents’ a very small portion of one’s WiFi, that will power the future of smart technology in their neighborhoods.

All internet users can relate to the ever-growing concern of speed, security, and cost as it pertains to their personal WiFi, but CoastFi puts those concerns to bed while putting money in the host’s pockets. Safe, secure, and unnoticeable throughout the year; the CoastFi Hotspot securely connects directly to each host’s WiFi network using the mobile app (CoastFi App – available for Android & iOS devices), without compromising speed and privacy. Once set up, the Hotspot is placed at a window that has a clear line of sight to the outside, where the signal will be picked up by neighborhood smart devices without driving up electric expenses. 

CoastFi is like adding another investment property to my real estate portfolio – except it always pays rent on time! I forget about the Hotspot because it’s so small. I don’t even notice it on top of my router and it’s had zero impact on my internet speed. So far I’ve gotten paid $2,100. It’s easy, 1 Hotspot in each of my 2 business locations, 1 at my home, and the rest from referring my friends and family.” – Frank, Real Estate Investor, New York

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to helping Americans thrive in the digital age; CoastFi’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition. Requiring zero maintenance throughout the year, this shared method supports dozens of local businesses as well as individuals, in times where everyone needs a bit of a helping hand. In addition to the $100 passive income program, CoastFi has also integrated further incentives with their referral program.

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About CoastFi

CoastFi is a BBB Accredited business founded in New York in 2019 that is building a nation-wide, coast-to-coast network of LoRaWAN gateways to provide internet connection for Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices. CoastFi aims to provide Internet of Things coverage from Coast to Coast nation-wide and be at the forefront of the IoT revolution. CoastFi acts as the affordable “antenna company” for local businesses, providing coverage for IoT devices, pulled from various Hotspot renters in the area. These WiFi renters are compensated $100 per year for hosting a CoastFi Hotspot and can continue to earn supplemental passive income for each referral.



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