The Challenges of Shipping between the US and Canada – Solved

With hundreds of thousands of tons of product crossing the border between the US and Canada every year, trade continues to be strong between the two North American neighbors. But even with the trade agreements in place and regularity of travel, freight companies can still experience a few problems when moving goods around.

While it is possible to cross the 5,525 mile long border on foot in some places, it is after all still an international border. This means that however close the relationship and other conditions may be, additional complication and paperwork can sometimes arise when it involves the movement of goods.

Taking the mystery and complexity out of moving goods from Canada to the US is the mission of Vaughan, ON-based shipping specialists RoadLINX.

“Our approach is to work with our customers to ensure their products and goods get where they need to go, when they need to go, and to take the hassle and complication out of Canada to US shipments” a spokesman for RoadLINX had to say. “Even for experienced people, a small change in regulation or process can quickly turn plans upside down and cause delays and accumulate additional costs and checks at the border”.

“While this can be dealt with if the shipment is not urgent, often any kind of unforeseen delay can cause problems downstream in an entire supply chain, or let a customer down that was expecting delivery during a particular time period. Arrangements have to be carefully coordinated across the journey of goods, and any delay or additional costs can quickly put those plans into turmoil”.

The good news is that there are some practical solutions to ensuring your goods can cross the border as smoothly as possible. The right carrier is able to configure cargoes to particular lanes at the border – for non-urgent goods it is possible to use slower and cheaper carriers, and for more urgent loads there are faster options that can be used to expedite the process.

“At RoadLINX we deploy a range of tactics that we have learned from practical experience over several decades” the spokesman continued. “This toolkit includes expertise in everything from how tightly to pack the truck to the meticulous preparation of the documentation required for a smooth border crossing. Our team know the importance of being fully prepared with these essentials prior to the trip, as a little effort beforehand can save a lot of time for the driver and the customer’s goods at the border itself”.

When shipping goods between Canada and the US it also makes sense to find, and stay with, one carrier of your choice. While shopping around for each cargo may seem like the most cost-effective way of moving goods from point A to point B, building up a strong working relationship with one or two carriers is almost guaranteed to be beneficial in the long term.

“Early planning is also essential for getting your goods shipped as quickly as possible. Trying to scramble paperwork together at the last minute or when goods are already on the border often leads to problems later down the road”.

About RoadLINX Inc.

RoadLINX is a Vaughan, ON-based broker and logistics company specializing in shipping goods in a timely and professional manner. RoadLINX’s expert team work with customers to understand the urgency and details of each shipment in order to achieve optimal efficiency in transit. With this, customers can have full peace of mind that their goods will get to where they need to go on time.

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