Therapy Spot Provides Clearer Corporate Speaking Training

Therapy Spot is a speech therapist company that helps corporate speakers and those who require accent reduction.  This technique is called “polishing” an accent rather than eliminating it to make it clearer.  Different languages use specific sounds so the transition to languages such as English can be difficult because those sounds may not be used in the speaker’s language.  For example, sounds such as f, s, v, j, l, g, ch, sh, th are not in the Maori native language and are more difficult to process.

One of the considerations in accent reduction and corporate speaking is the need to use the diaphragm to have the voice power to be heard.  Visual literacy is also helpful to communicate during corporate speaking especially in subjects with advanced vocabularies such as Science.  Corporate speaking has many different functions.  It may be necessary for raising funds for a project or cause.  Being a keynote speaking for a rewards banquet is often required.  Trade shows or Industry Expos may require corporate speaking.   

“Corporate speaking has become even more important during the Covid-19 Pandemic,” says a Therapy Spot spokesperson. “More businesses are having to doing events or meetings online.  Focusing on who the audience will be will help make the speech given relevant to them.”

Knowing the use of body language can be a powerful aspect of corporate speaking as speech is only a small part of overall communication.  Pacing using “bite-size” pieces of grouped information as key points can help the listener to grasp what is being said in a manageable way.  Training in corporate speaking is helpful.  Renowned speakers like Toni Robins have credited the benefits of coaching for public speaking.

“Making the speech more engaging is also helpful. Telling stories and asking question from the audience help to keep the audience’s attention,” says a spokesperson for Therapy Spot. “We also work on voice power, knowing when to pause for emphasis and not speaking too quickly or using jargon that might cause audience to tune out because they can’t understand what is being said.”

For more information on Therapy Spot visit their website and ask about their bundle package options that can save up to 37% on the cost of training.  Therapy Spot offers one-to-one mobile consultation and treatment at the workplace, school or home through their online booking and payment system. A Handbook on Corporate Speaking and Accent Reduction is available to learn more about this training available of Therapy Spot. 

About Therapy Spot 

Speech Therapists at Therapy Spot are regulated by the College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologist of Ontario.  Therapy Spot was started to help brain injury individuals be able to communicate again. They also offer learning development and Autism training.

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