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SharpLight Technologies Ltd design non-invasive energy-based dynamic pulse control (DPC), multi-polar radio frequency (RF), lasers and infrared for the Canadian medical aesthetic and cosmetic businesses.  The Americas Association of Plastic Surgeons (AAPS) found that $16 B was spent on cosmetic procedures in 2016. These procedures were found to improve life quality and had significant impact on mental well-being and facilitated social interaction.

The SharpLight Technologies Ltd. Medical Aesthetic machine VermaDerm uses long-pulse infrared (IR) technology for safe and effective skin tightening treatments.  This treatment can be used year round on all skin types.  The IR can reach 4 mm deep into the reticular dermis.  The IR energy is absorbed by the water in the skin causing the dermal heating.   The study published in the Facial Plastic Surgeries of North America in May 2007 stated that previously loose skin in the facial and cervical (neck) was difficult to treat without surgery.  Infrared light was used to heat the dermis; this caused the collagen to contract which enabled body contouring to take place without needing surgery. 

“Because SharpLight Technologies design and train in the use of the medical aesthetics machines we offer more than just technical advice,” says a spokesperson from SharpLight Technologies.  “Because the procedures are non-invasive more people are able to use these treatments.  This means more business for our customers.”

A study In the Australian Journal of Dermatology in November 2019 showed non-invasive body-contouring Medical Aesthetics machines were deemed to be a clinically efficient option for non-surgery skin tightening.   Liposuction was still deemed to have the best surgical results for this type of cosmetic treatment.  The OmniMax S4 and Rapid Firm machines use Radio Frequency (RF) and the Vermaderm LP-IR to firm up loose skin after weight loss for quick skin tightening.  This treatment of the lower dermis helps facilitate the growth of collagen (skin elasticity) fibres and elastin which helps tissue resume shape after weight loss for a long lasting result.

“Our Medical Aesthetic machines for skin tightening are easy to use and quick,” says a spokesperson of SharpLight Technologies Ltd.  “It is a popular lunch time treatment for our client’s patrons who can go back to work after the treatment.”

For more information on SharpLight Technologies Ltd skin tightening Medical Aesthetic machines visit their website.

About SharpLight Technologies Ltd.

SharpLight Technologies Ltd’s latest video is on Carbon Facials (Hollywood Facial) using the RAPIDQS Q-Switch Medical Aesthetics laser machine. A benefit of this treatment is no down time needed to recover.  Carbon Facials help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and stimulates collagen growth for improved volume and tightens the skin.  For best results use 4-6 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

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