Approximately 35% of Electrical Savings is Lost in Canadian Homes Due to Poor Insulation

This astonishing fact means a great deal of money lost over the course of decades.  There is no way around it, Canada, although beautiful, is a colder climate, so heating costs can be high.  That does not mean that there are no hot periods which can hit without warning and stay around for a long period of time.  When that happens, air conditioning costs skyrocket as well.  Homeowners, and commercial property owners can lose a serious amount of money without proper insulation or with old and worn-out insulation. 

Located in Newmarket, Foam Insulation provides the highest-grade spray foam insulation for the best results in insulation.  Every crack and crevice of each property, whether commercial or residential is inspected before application to ensure no leakage of precious heat or cooling is lost to the elements.  Garages, basements, and attics are also susceptible to cold and heat and can benefit from the application of spray foam insulation. 

This company is also known for using the latest in technology and the use of safe, green, environmentally friendly products.  A before and after inspection is done to ensure thoroughness of application and the technicians and staff are highly skilled.  Budget is always a consideration and the company always tries to provide the best possible price for the best possible installation and service.  Of course, satisfaction is guaranteed as well.  Foam Insulation wants to win the trust of every client.

Spray foam does more than most individuals realize.  While of course, insulation is on the top of the list, spray foam also blocks noise, dust, dirt, and grime, as well as unwanted pests such as insects and other pests from entering the home through cracks, holes, and crevices too.

Allergens and pollutants are also kept out by sealing all cracks and crevices with spray foam insulation.  The size of the cell determines the amount of protection against certain pests as large cell insulation is recommended for those property owners with pest problems while small cell insulation is effective enough against noise, dust, and allergens.

Both old and new properties can see a significant increase in cost savings by using spray foam insulation as mold and mildew can also be blocked.  In addition, the spray foam enhances the strength of a home.  Factor all this in, and the ROI (Return on Investment) will pay off in many ways, especially when a property is sold. 

Canadians are now spending more time at home therefore the heating and cooling costs have increased for many.  There has never been a better time to consider either insulating with spray foam insulation or replacing old worn out insulation than now.  The contractors and consultants at Foam Insulation stand ready to assist at any given time and convenient appointments are always arranged.  Same money and add instant value and stability to any property with a quick phone call or email to Foam Insulation.

About Foam Insulation

Located in Newmarket, Foam Insulation is a company that provides the very finest in spray foam insulation to both commercial and residential properties within the GTA.  The most environmentally friendly products are used, the technicians highly trained, and the budget adhered to.  Customer satisfaction is a priority and satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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