Couples Will Have Issues No Matter How Compatible but There Are Solutions Even With Divorce

Relationships of any sort can have issues, and compromise is always needed.  The issues can be minor, or major, but couples counselling such as that provided by InnerSight Psychotherapy, INC, in Vaughan, ON can assist couples in perhaps avoiding divorce or separation.  If the differences are insurmountable, InnerSight can assist couples in working out the issues that also arise during divorce and separation.  Those issues can include child custody arrangements, property division, and many other issues that follow a divorce or separation.  Even custody of pets may come into play when a couple feels the need to bring a relationship to an end.

Of course, the first step is evaluation of a situation that have evolved for a couple, and the priority of InnerSight Psychotherapy, might be to try and alleviate the issues and keep a couple together if that is possible.  Especially when couples have been with each other for many years, it is considered a priority to help resolve the issues and keep the relationship intact.  Sometimes a trial separation of a few months or weeks can assist couples in “cooling” down and looking more rationally at a situation.  Minor issues may seem huge when emotions come into play within relationships and having a third party like InnerSight Psychotherapy provide insight may bring down the temperature of the battle immensely.

InnerSight Psychotherapy also offers many avenues in which to access their therapy.  There are in person sessions, using social distancing guidelines, in their Vaughan location, but also remote sessions via online platforms, and even just phone counselling sessions.  The focus is not on the pathology of the couples, as InnerSight Psychotherapy does not regard relationship issues as disorders.  Instead, the treatment plan is one of constructivism, with a step-by-step plan in alleviating the frictions that couples are experiencing.  Especially in divorce issues a plan is needed to eliminate as much stress as possible.

The root of the problem is explored, and the reality of the situation is uncovered.  It is an experientially based approach, rather than analytical approach as most couples who need counselling get caught up in the minor squabbling and the arguments that ensue and may miss the real issues that are causing the problems.  Pointing out the underlying issues can eliminate the arguments and misunderstandings for many couples.  Once the underlying causes are sorted out, then a step-by-step plan is put in place to alleviate the tensions.  This is more than “talk therapy”.  It is a commonsense approach to elimination of the issues. 

Whether seeking to part company or to stay together, the professional counsellors at InnerSight Psychotherapy can assist any couple with any problem and come to a conclusive plan that works for both parties within the framework of the problem.  There is no need to suffer through a bad relationship or to divorce or separate if minor issues can be resolved amicably.  InnerSight Psychotherapy is there to achieve the best result for all their clients and will work relentlessly with each client towards this goal.  Happiness for couples can be achieved again.

About InnerSight Psychotherapy Inc

With an office in Vaughan, ON, InnerSight Psychotherapy has been specializing in couples’ counselling for many years now with options for remote and phone counselling available.  There is a first free 20-minute session, so that clients can determine if the counselling that is offered is what they are seeking.  It is private, with an approach on healing, not analysis. Discussion of needs of all parties is a priority.  Divorce issues are a specialization. 

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