Painter Pierre Paul Marchini To Democratize Access To His Art By Launching A Sales Channel

French-based artist, Pierre Paul Marchini, launches his sales channel on Facebook as he sets his sight on stopping the exploitation of artists by the “art world”

Painter Pierre Paul Marchini has made a name for himself in the highly competitive global art market for his fantastic collection of large oil paintings. However, the artist is looking to disrupt the market as he lends his voice towards challenging abusive practices in a nonetheless very profitable sector with the launch of his sales channel – NO ARTE.

I have seen more than doubtful drifts in the artistic world! From gallery owners and designers of paid sites for artists to trade show organizers, many players see art as an investment without appreciating its depth. They are content to speculate, as on the Stock Exchange, and run after recognition,” said Pierre Paul Marchini.

The global arts industry has evolved over the years, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar market amid increasing demand from art lovers worldwide. Unfortunately, a major percentage of the revenue generated in the market does not trickle down to the creators, with the middlemen unnecessarily inflating prices and making it difficult for collectors to acquire their favourite pieces. However, Pierre Paul Marchini is set to change this narrative in the current exploitative system that has made artists and art lovers the major losers.

Inspired by the Corsican colours and lights, Pierre Paul Marchini has been creating exceptional pieces over the years, with his major breakthrough coming in 2015 after he was spotted by Italian art historians. Over the years, he has grown in popularity, with his works featured in several international museums and galleries.

The recently launched NO ARTE sales channel is in line with Marchini’s goal of creating a bridge between imagination and reality by making his paintings easily accessible to as many people as possible.

Although listed at Drouot, all my paintings will be accessible to the greatest number on No Arte. In particular, I intend to offer affordable prices, installment payments, and discounts for special occasions. Because artists are nothing without their audience, I prefer my efforts to go to the people rather than to the profiteers. Zoom on a selection of oils on canvas that will be offered on NO ARTE.” – Pierre Paul Marchini.

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