A New Minecraft Pixelmon Server Offering a Unique Minecraft Experience

Many Minecraft and Pokemon fan love a good challenge, along with unique experiences. LogMC Pixelmon is a new Minecraft Pixelmon server that offers unique features.

Unique features

LogMC Pixelmon is not an ordinary Minecraft Pixelmon Server. LogMC delivers some unique features. Including the following:

• Custom commands

• Custom plugins

• Custom Pixelmon region map

• Really friendly and open Staff team and community

• Player (and NPC) controlled Gyms and Pokemon league

• Unique biomes

• PixelmonDex ranks and rewards

• Vote rewards

Activities on LogMC Pixelmon

The LogMC Pixelmon server offers challenge after challenge. It’s a mix between the storyline based “gotta catch them all” Pokemon game and the creative and open world of Minecraft.

There is enough space for Minecraft player to do what he or she likes. If they like building, then LogMC is the place to be. If they want to catch as much Pixelmon as possible, then don’t look further and LogMC will even offer rewards along the way such as unique dex rewards.

Unique Pixelmon Gyms and Elite four

Next to that LogMC offers an incredible Pixelmon Gym system. For now LogMC offers 8 unique Pixelmon gyms and an elite four. After beating every gym, players can replay all the gyms but beware they will become a lot harder to clear! But harder also means better rewards. Players can even become a legendary LogMC trainer. Don’t hesitate and join right away! LogMC welcome all with open arms.

Pixelmon PvP Ranked

Next to that we are also working on a Pixelmon PvP Ranked system! Players can become the highest ranked Pixelmon trainer if they show their skills. Ranked system will launched in the near future.


Not only does LogMC offer a unique Pixelmon experience because of their custom features, the LogMC team will also make sure that everyone enjoys their stay. The LogMC team is always there to help you out. They will also launch in game events once in a while these include Pixelmon tournaments with amazing prizes, drop parties and much more!

Server information

If players are looking to join LogMC Pixelmon and start a journey as a Pixelmon trainer or a incredible builder creating Pixelmon cities for the whole server. They should not look look further and join LogMC Pixelmon.

Server IP: play.logmc.eu

Discord: http://discord.logmc.eu

Media Contact
Company Name: LogMC
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Phone: 2033018294
Country: United States
Website: https://logmc.eu/